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OMG it’s RPO!

Subtitles Editor (Beta 1)

Here’s the first beta version of Subtitles Offset which includes many improvements and changes. This version is considered to be feature complete so all future version (until 1.0 is released) will only include bug fixes, performance and UI improvements. Changed the name of the program from Subtitles Offset to Subtitles Editor The Captions Browser has […]

Follow me @ is a platform that does many things, but primarily keeps track of TV shows and movies you watch. It integrates with your media center or home theater PC to enable scrobbling, so everything is automatic. You can follow what I’m watching, as well as what I’ve watched, at

Subtitles Offset (Alpha 4)

Subtitles Offset (Alpha 4)

For the past few months I have been extremely busy working on a new (and very exciting) project so I haven’t had much time to get bored… besides, I’ve switched from Cable/Satellite to a Media Center using MediaPortal so I’ve been pretty entertained. But because now I get to watch a lot of content downloaded […]

The Ledge (The Movie)

So I just watched The Ledge… and, although I liked it, I was expecting more — a lot more. The tag line (or short description) for the film, as it appears at IMDB is: A thriller in which a battle of philosophies between a fundamentalist Christian and an atheist escalates into a lethal battle of […]