DHTML Menu Builder

DHTML Menu Builder is no longer being maintained so, as promised, it is now free… as in free beer.

Download link: DHTML Menu Builder (2189 downloads )

COMPANY: As in free beer!
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VB6 Source Code @ GitHub

Microsoft’s .NET Core headed to the Raspberry Pi 3

A build of the .NET Core framework for the Raspberry Pi 3 is now available on Github. There are also plans to provide ARM32 support later this year for Samsung’s Tizen operating system.

Source: Microsoft’s .NET Core headed to the Raspberry Pi 3

Implementing a simple L-system parser

Sierpinski triangle

Here’s a very rough implementation of an L-system (Lindenmayer system) interpreter, parser and renderer, written in VB.NET

The current implementation is very basic and lacks many of the features available in more mature projects, such as LILiS. […]

SoftScope: A software based Oscilloscope / Vectorscope


SoftScope is an attempt to mimic the functionality of a two channel oscilloscope, where each channel is fed from an stereo audio source. The result, when used with the appropriate audio source, is a vector drawing machine:


Bash on Windows


After very long and quite boring day, I just finished upgrading to Windows 10 build 14393.10 and the first thing I had to try was the new bash on windows feature, that is the Bash on Ubuntu on Windows thingy… Microsoft and their product names! Jeez!

And I must admit it’s an orgasmic experience to have access to bash without having to start a Linux virtual machine. I applaud both Microsoft and Canonical for providing such a wonderful feature. Thank you.