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I guess I haven’t been bored for a while…

Busy Orange Man

I haven’t had the time to get bored for a while, hence the lack of new posts. Fortunately for me, I’ve been pretty busy working on a number of different projects. Among them, I started coding for Android (using Xamarin) and as soon as I finish the project I’ll post my impressions on the experience […]

The Atheist Experience – Matt at its best!

Mr. Dillahunty, host of the popular The Atheist Experience TV show, is probably one of the smartest atheists I’ve ever seen or heard. I should also say that he’s, perhaps, a bit too short tempered but I guess that’s something you develop after so many years of having to deal with the stupidest people on […]

¿Por qué los tranques (cierres) en dominó tienen que dar par?

Tranque a 6

Esto es una explicación algo rebuscada de porqué la suma de las fichas restantes, luego de un traque (o cierre), en un juego de dominó, siempre debe dar par. (more…)

PopUp Killer… and why I’m not a millionaire

PopUp Killer

If you had access to the Internet circa 1995 then you may know or at least, have heard about, a program called PopUp Killer. At that time, it was the only solution to prevent pop-ups from disturbing your Internet experience. Back in the day we didn’t have spam, or web worms/viruses — we had pop-ups. […]