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You know what? Fuck you society!

Without heresy there is no free speech


Moving piece and great reporting from The Young Turks (as usual) regarding the solidarity shown around the world towards the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, defending our most dearest right: freedom of speech.  

The Atheist Experience – Matt at its best!

Mr. Dillahunty, host of the popular The Atheist Experience TV show, is probably one of the smartest atheists I’ve ever seen or heard. I should also say that he’s, perhaps, a bit too short tempered but I guess that’s something you develop after so many years of having to deal with the stupidest people on […]

I honestly feel for this generation of programmers

Poor Coder

Not so long ago, having some basic knowledge about hardware and being able to master one or two programming languages was more than enough to get you hired. Nowadays, you don’t need to know anything about hardware, very little about actual programming, but you’ll need to take some pretty odd courses to even have a […]

¡La madre que los parió!

Puedo entender cuando alguien me critica que la mecánica cuántica parece no tener sentido (aun y cuando existe extensa evidencia de la efectividad de las leyes que la describen). Puedo respetar que a muchos se les haga difícil comprender que la teoría de la evolución implica que somos el resultado de mutaciones, errores, que a […]