Subtitles Offset (Alpha 2)

Well, so I continued to work on this little project and it’s starting to shape pretty nicely.

In this version I’ve added the following features (besides correcting tons of bugs from the previous release):

  • Added support to load the video file associated with the captions.
    This is done using VLC so you must have VLC installed for this version to work.
    You can always download the latest (stable) version of VLC from its official web site:
    VLC support for .NET is available thought the VideoLan DotNet set of libraries provided for free by ZeBobo5. You can find more information about this library here:
  • You can now add, delete and edit subtitles.
    The subtitles editor is a rather simple dialog which you can use to edit the subtitle’s text and the start/end time.
  • Changes to the subtitles are applied in real time so you can see them rendered in the VLC player as you work.
  • A captions browser control has been implemented which facilitates the visualization of the captions.
    This control, still under development, supports:

    • Rapid scrolling by either dragging an empty area or by moving the scroll bar.
    • Selecting subtitles by clicking them.
    • Changing the start, end or position of any subtitle by dragging it. The speed at which the dragging operation affects the subtitle can be increased by holding the CTRL key down.
    • Use the mouse scroll wheel to change the zoom level.
    • Add additional subtitles by double clicking while holding the SHIFT key down.
  • When a video file is loaded, everything is kept in-sync so selecting a subtitle (using any of the available methods) will automatically synchronize the video as well as the other controls (such as the editor).
  • Option to select the Audio Track (for multiple language videos).

Here’s a screenshot of the current version:

Subtitles Offset (Alpha 2)

Subtitles Offset (Alpha 2)

Subtitles Offset (Alpha 3) (1698 downloads)

As always, if you feel adventurous, feel free to download the source code:

Subtitles Offset (Alpha 3) Source Code (1764 downloads)

Update: Please always refer to the latest post about Subtitles Offset to make sure you always obtain the latest version.