Subtitles Offset (Alpha 4)

For the past few months I have been extremely busy working on a new (and very exciting) project so I haven’t had much time to get bored… besides, I’ve switched from Cable/Satellite to a Media Center using MediaPortal so I’ve been pretty entertained.

But because now I get to watch a lot of content downloaded from the Internet I’m using Subtitles Offset more than ever so I’ve been meaning to update it with some features that really needed to be implemented. Also, I wanted to fix several annoying bugs that made it too unstable to be fully usable.

One of the most important features that I wanted to implement was the ability to search for a particular subtitle doing a simple text-based search. This is because I want to easily edit misspellings, typos and delete some annoying spam that appear on some subtitles. Also, I wanted to enhance the Captions Editor to support basic HTML tags that most players support as well, such as italic fonts, colors, etc…

Subtitles Offset Alpha 4

Subtitles Offset Alpha 4

So, basically, here’s what’s changed, fixed and what’s new in this version:

  • Fixed bug that could cause Subtitles Offset to enter an infinite loop when choosing the Cancel option in the dialog that appears when the program is closed and it asks if you want to save the changes you have made to the subtitles.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the program from correctly calculating the duration of the video. This caused an annoying offset in the Captions Browser so editing towards the end of the video became almost impossible.
  • Fixed bug that caused the program to incorrectly save files that contained extended ASCII characters, such as accents.
  • The program now correctly unloads the video from the VLC control.
  • Upgraded the VLC.NET library to the latest version.
  • Changed the Play/Pause button with a nice icon.
  • Added support to search the captions.
  • If the subtitles and the associated video file share a common/similar name, the program will automatically load the video file after loading the subtitles file.
  • Added preliminary support for .sub subtitle files. Note that in order to be able to edit these type of files, a valid video is required.
  • Changed the default font from “Microsoft Sans Serif, 8.25pt” to “Segoe UI, 8.25pt”.
  • The positions of the main and Captions Editor windows are now preserved across sessions.
  • Added preliminary support to easily edit HTML tags through the Captions Editor.
Captions Editor

Captions Editor

Since I have to correct several subtitles that I recently downloaded I will be using Subtitles Offset a lot and I’m sure I’ll find plenty of bugs. As soon as I have corrected all the bugs I find I will re-release it as beta 1 as I feel it already has all the features I envisioned when I started working on this project.

You can download this version from the following link:

Subtitles Offset (Alpha 4) (1370 downloads)

And here’s the source code for Visual Studio 2010:

Subtitles Offset (Alpha 4) Source Code (1404 downloads)

Update: Please always refer to the latest post about Subtitles Offset to make sure you always obtain the latest version.