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DHTML Menu Builder

DHTML Menu Builder is no longer being maintained so, as promised, it is now free… as in free beer. Download link: USER: FREE COMPANY: As in free beer! SERIAL NUMBER: A5272956B264882C086E86AA040B6FC7410E VB6 Source Code┬á@ GitHub

Microsoft’s .NET Core headed to the Raspberry Pi 3

A build of the .NET Core framework for the Raspberry Pi 3 is now available on Github. There are also plans to provide ARM32 support later this year for Samsung’s Tizen operating system. Source: Microsoft’s .NET Core headed to the Raspberry Pi 3

Implementing a simple L-system parser

Sierpinski triangle

Here’s a very rough implementation of an L-system (Lindenmayer system) interpreter, parser and renderer, written in VB.NET The current implementation is very basic and lacks many of the features available in more mature projects, such as LILiS. (more…)

SoftScope: A software based Oscilloscope / Vectorscope


SoftScope is an attempt to mimic the functionality of a two channel oscilloscope, where each channel is fed from an stereo audio source. The result, when used with the appropriate audio source, is a vector drawing machine: (more…)

Bash on Windows


After very long and quite boring day, I just finished upgrading to Windows 10 build 14393.10 and the first thing I had to try was the new bash on windows feature, that is the Bash on Ubuntu on Windows thingy… Microsoft and their product names! Jeez! And I must admit it’s an orgasmic experience to […]