I’ve been pondering for a very long time if I should start a blog or not and, as obvious as it is, I’ve decided that I should.

This blog shall be used to, primarily, share some of the stuff I code when I want to learn a certain technology or I need to prepare for some project. Although most of the programs that come out of this learning and experimentation process are often useless, they tend to be quite curios, entertaining and, well, interesting. Some of them have actually came to be final products so I thought this would be a nice way to share them. Who knows, someone might actually find some of these prototypes of applications useful.

That being the main purpose of this blog, I’ll also be using this “communication channel” and/or “social portal” as a “release valve”.
Sometimes I have the need to scream, shout, and rant about some topics that deeply bother me and this will be the place to do so – hopefully, this will relieve some of the stress I usually unload onto my wife.

So, that being said I must advise you:
If you are easily annoyed, offended or otherwise bothered by sincere, alternative, direct, open minded or controversial ideas, thoughts or comments then I encourage you to leave this blog at once.