Subtitles Offset (Alpha 3)

So far, the previous version (alpha 2), worked quite well for me mainly because most of the edits I had to do were simple offset changes that were applied to all the subtitles.

But, three days ago I had to adjust a subtitles file which required many edits to large groups of subtitles, something that was not possible to do with the available version.
I thought that I would implement a way to select multiple subtitles and then move them all at the same time as a group. This would have worked but before implementing this feature I realized its many flaws and the problems it would cause.

The solution? Ripple Edits!

If you have ever used a video editing application, such as Premiere or Vegas, you may be very well aware of this feature but if you haven’t, then here’s a simple explanation of what a ripple edit is:

A ripple edit re-adjusts the position of all the elements after the element being edited.

This basically means that by changing the end time of a clip (being this a caption or a video or an audio clip) it will affect the position of all subsequent clips by the same amount. So if you move a clip, say 3 seconds to right, all subsequent clips will be moved 3 seconds to the right.

In video editing this is very powerful tool and while working with subtitles it has proven to be an invaluable feature!

Subtitles Offset (Alpha 3)

Subtitles Offset (Alpha 3)

Looking at the screenshot you will also notice a few new additions:

  • The Global Offset option has been removed as it is no longer required thanks to the new Ripple Edit option
  • Changed the text-based buttons for adding, deleting and editing captions to buttons with icons. They work the same… but look prettier…
  • Added a Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons next to the captions browser
  • Also, next to the captions browser you will find the new Ripple Edit toggle to enable or disable this functionality

You can download this version from the following link:

Subtitles Offset (Alpha 3) (2132 downloads )

And here’s the source code for Visual Studio 2010:

Subtitles Offset (Alpha 3) Source Code (2208 downloads )

Update: Please always refer to the latest post about Subtitles Offset to make sure you always obtain the latest version.