Brainfuck compiler, interpreter and debugger written in VB.NET

Well, why not?

If you don’t know what Brainfuck is, well, it might very well be the most popular and well know of the esoteric programming languages.

I had originally developed this piece of complete uselessness and utterly nonsense before Microsoft released the .NET framework.
I remember this being the very first VB6 program I tried to convert (using Visual Studio’s “wizard”) to .NET and the crap produced by the converter is still present in the code!

About 5 or 6 years ago I did try to clean it up a bit and added a couple of new features, but for the most part, the code remains untouched from what the “wizard” produced.

Unfortunately, I never got to finish it. Also, the implementation is horrendous and the code is as ugly as hell.
But it works…

Besides the aforementioned “issues”, the program is quite nice and provides a rather rich set of interesting features, for a Brainfuck editor/compiler/debugger, that is.

VBBrainF.NET (A BrainFuck Compiler)

VBBrainF.NET (A Brainfuck Compiler)

Here’s the complete list of features:

  • Editor to create, write, save and open brainfuck programs
  • Ability to distinguish between actual code and comments
  • Ability to prettify the source code
  • Memory Map
  • Support for 256 and 512 cell sizes
  • Real-time translation from brainfuck to other languages:
  • Debugger with Step In, Step Out, Break, Resume and Live Trace support (for all languages)
  • Support for Breakpoints (although they are invisible!)
  • Ability to save ready-to-run JavaScript versions of brainfuck programs
  • Ability to compile the brainfuck program into an x86 executable
  • It features the coolest brainfuck compiler icon!
VBBrainF.NET (1515 downloads )

As requested, here’re the sources for the VB6 version.

VB6 Brainfuck Compiler (1397 downloads )