We just need some more time…

Because traveling at 1,200kmh, in a vacuum, is not dangerous enough!

Musk proposed using SpaceX’s forthcoming mega-rocket (codenamed Big Fucking Rocket or BFR for short) to lift a massive spaceship into orbit around the Earth. The ship would then settle down on floating landing pads near major cities. Both the new rocket and spaceship are currently theoretical, though Musk did say that he hopes to begin construction on the rocket in the next six to nine months.

Shouldn’t this guy be diagnosed by a mental health expert, before some of his latest ideas are realized? […]

OMG it’s RPO!

Siri is dying. Long live Susan Bennett. – Typeform blog

An interview with the woman who gave Apple its voice, and a preview of what’s to come.

Source: Siri is dying. Long live Susan Bennett. – Typeform blog

Windows 10 can burn in hell or how I learned it fucking sucks


I’m a geek. I’m a huge geek and I’m an early adopter (context where context is due) and I’ve always been a Windows fan. Unbiased, but a fan.

That said, I’ve been having a recurring issue which has forced me to reinstall Windows over a dozen times in less than a year. […]