Without heresy there is no free speech

Moving piece and great reporting from The Young Turks (as usual) regarding the solidarity shown around the world towards the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, defending our most dearest right: freedom of speech.


I guess I haven’t been bored for a while…

I haven’t had the time to get bored for a while, hence the lack of new posts.

Fortunately for me, I’ve been pretty busy working on a number of different projects.

Among them, I started coding for Android (using Xamarin) and as soon as I finish the project I’ll post my impressions on the experience which, to say the least, has been quite bumpy.

Also, I’m about to start a new project using Xojo; I’m sure this “experience” will produce a pretty entertaining post 😉

Finally, I’ve been preparing an article covering a three years long project I worked on, which never got approved.
This is by far the most complex program I’ve ever worked on and I’m sure it’ll blow your mind.
Hint: Think of Shazam/SoundHound on steroids.

.NET introduces binary literals

Binary PeopleWith the introduction of the new Roslyn compiler platform for Visual Studio, the .NET languages team has, finally, made available the support to declare and use binary literals for VB.NET.

Back in 2011 I posted a request to the .NET languages team to implement support for binary literals and also took the liberty to suggest some improvements to the syntax currently used by VB.NET to declare these literals. […]

The Atheist Experience – Matt at its best!

Matt Dillahunty @ The Atheist ExperienceMr. Dillahunty, host of the popular The Atheist Experience TV show, is probably one of the smartest atheists I’ve ever seen or heard.
I should also say that he’s, perhaps, a bit too short tempered but I guess that’s something you develop after so many years of having to deal with the stupidest people on planet earth. […]

VB.NET and its broken data types

VB.NET is starting to get on my nerves.