x8086NetEmu, an 8086 emulator written in VB.NET

Anyway, as I work on these blocking issues and release the source code, here are a couple of already-working 8086 emulators you might want to consider. Be warned that, if you want to learn something about x86 emulation, the code on these emulators is far from friendly, understandable or, well, pretty to look at…

  • EMU8086
    By far, the worst of the pack in terms of emulating an XT machine as it only emulates the CPU, that is, there’s no chipset emulation at all, so don’t expect to run anything “useful” with it, unless you are working on some personal project that uses an 8088 processor as micro-controller. But, it has something that no other emulator has (besides mine): a debugger!
    Very useful and without it I doubt I would have ever been able to get to where I’m at.
  • fake86
    This one wins by being the fastest and, probably, the most usable in terms of being able to run anything for 8086; unfortunately, it relies too much on, what I like to call: approximate emulation; that is, emulate only what’s necessary for stuff to work.
  • PCE – PC Emulator
    This is by far the most advanced 8086 emulator I’ve found.
  • PCem
    Extremely good emulator — quite as good as PCE’s.
  • Retro
    Arguably, the one with the most “readable” and “understandable” code… shame it is written in Java.
  • Pico XT
    An extremely powerful XT emulator — unfortunately the author(s) do not provide the source code…

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