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OneDrive is broken. Period.

OneDrive Processing Changes

I use OneDrive to sync (or at least I’d like to) all my Visual Studio projects with two other machines. Sure I’ve tried all the recommend workarounds, but NOTHING works. Nothing. At some point, OneDrive will stop working with a queue of files waiting to be synced and with the dreaded “Processing changes” message. (more…)

You know what? Fuck you society!

You know what? Fuck you Google+

I honestly feel for this generation of programmers

Poor Coder

Not so long ago, having some basic knowledge about hardware and being able to master one or two programming languages was more than enough to get you hired. Nowadays, you don’t need to know anything about hardware, very little about actual programming, but you’ll need to take some pretty odd courses to even have a […]

TuneLink: An almost perfect Bluetooth proxy for your car

Please note that I have never reviewed a product, so bare with me. But I truly felt this one deserved one, so, here it goes. You can find the review I posted at Amazon here: Amazon Review Permalink. (more…)