Screensaver Settings version 0.4

This is a major upgrade from the previous release which fixes a ton of bugs, improves compatibility with the latest gnome-screensaver and gnome-screensaver-preferences and it also provides an x64 version.

Here’s a detailed list of what’s new in this release

  • Fixed bug that caused a crash when the XML file for a screensaver contained two or more elements with the same ID (Such as with the Helix screensaver by Jamie Zawinski)
  • Fixed bug that prevented selecting the first screensaver from the list while in random mode when used for the first time
  • Updated all the code that handles how the selected screensaver (or screensavers in random mode) is retrieved and stored in GConf.
    This required a major update of many of the functions resulting in a much cleaner and stable implementation. Unfortunately, this renders this version incompatible with older versions of gnome-screensaver-preferences and its daemon
  • Updated the GUI so that all sliders now show the actual value they represent
  • Added support to ease the selection of screensavers while in random mode by providing a set of three buttons to select them all, none or invert the selection
  • Added an script that automatically generates a launcher and copies it in the Desktop
  • Reformatted the README file to fit in 80 columns

Screensaver Settings

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