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I’m an avid user of MediaPortal. Actually, since about 4 months ago, it has been my only mean of watching TV… just last week I cancelled my cable subscription and, right now, the only thing that is shown on my TV comes from MediaPortal. I have to admit that it is not (yet) perfect but […]

Subtitles Offset (Alpha 4)

For the past few months I have been extremely busy working on a new (and very exciting) project so I haven’t had much time to get bored… besides, I’ve switched from Cable/Satellite to a Media Center using MediaPortal so I’ve been pretty entertained. But because now I get to watch a lot of content downloaded […]

Subtitles Offset

If you arrived here through Google (or Bing, or whatever) then you are like me: tired of downloading countless subtitle files that although they contain the correct subtitles, they are offset by a couple of seconds. Sites such as and, among many others, are great sources for subtitles but, unfortunately, it is quite […]