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.NET introduces binary literals

With the introduction of the new Roslyn compiler platform for Visual Studio, the .NET languages team has, finally, made available the support to declare and use binary literals for VB.NET. Back in 2011 I posted a request to the .NET languages team to implement support for binary literals and also took the liberty to suggest […]

x8086NetEmu for Linux, Mac OS X and Raspberry Pi

Running Frogger on OS X 10.9

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been “working” on and off, on an 8086 emulator, entirely written in Visual Basic. Although it is still a “work” in progress, has a ton of bugs and is barely usable, it does provide a very nice feature: apparently, it will work under any platform where Mono is supported… […]

Enabling additional command prompt fonts

Command Prompt Fonts

I’ve always wondered why there are so few fonts available for the command prompt, knowing that I have many mono-spaced fonts installed. So, doing some research (yes, googling) I found this trick: Stupid Geek Tricks: Enable More Fonts for the Windows Command Prompt As with many cool configuration tricks in Windows, it involves editing the […]

Building mazes and synchronizing threads

Maze Builder

A maze builder is a program that every newbie should try to code, right after learning about arrays, branches and loops. And if you want to visualize the maze, it is also a great project to practice how to draw and paint. As I was learning VB.NET, this is one of the first projects I […]

KeyLaunch 3.0 or the awesomeness that never got released…

First, a little bit of history: Once upon a time, in February 2002, I was watching my favorite geek show on my hacked Ultimate TV: The Screen Savers, when, all of a sudden I hear the words “never been done”. I immediately hit the Replay button on my remote keyboard to hear what was being […]