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Absolutely Hilarious: The Bible Quiz Show

The 90’s called…

I can only wonder whose bright mind decided to perpetuate such ancient technologies to model what it is supposed to be the main interface to the most important and significant humanity’s technological achievement in present times: The Internet.

One of the greatest minds… ever!

Sure, we all know Einstein and Edison (that asshole) and Newton, but how about Mr. Feynman? Do you know who Richard Feynman was?

You know what? Fuck you Microsoft!

Man, I never thought I’d say this but Microsoft, at least the OS division, has really screwed it this time. I’m an OS fanatic. First time you hear that expression? Well, there are many like me. We, OS fanatics, love to play with operating systems; love to see what they offer and how they offer it. […]

This is not a suicidal letter or have I drank too much?

If a mind doesn’t work as it’s supposed, as it used to, does it exists? I thought I wasn’t afraid of death but this is quite a troublesome situation. This is different, worst even. Maybe I’m not afraid of death itself, but the thought of my brain not being what it used to be. Or […]