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TuneLink: An almost perfect Bluetooth proxy for your car

Please note that I have never reviewed a product, so bare with me. But I truly felt this one deserved one, so, here it goes. You can find the review I posted at Amazon here: Amazon Review Permalink. (more…)

¡La madre que los parió!

Puedo entender cuando alguien me critica que la mecánica cuántica parece no tener sentido (aun y cuando existe extensa evidencia de la efectividad de las leyes que la describen). Puedo respetar que a muchos se les haga difícil comprender que la teoría de la evolución implica que somos el resultado de mutaciones, errores, que a […]

You know what? Fuck you Microsoft!

Man, I never thought I’d say this but Microsoft, at least the OS division, has really screwed it this time. I’m an OS fanatic. First time you hear that expression? Well, there are many like me. We, OS fanatics, love to play with operating systems; love to see what they offer and how they offer it. […]

Spell checkers are politically incorrect

Apparently, spell checkers do not display suggestions for swear words. (more…)

You know what? Fuck you Ubuntu!

I just had it with Ubuntu. I really had some honest and true hope for this distro but I just lost it after installing version 11.10 Canonical is trying to create a distro of Linux, so simple that, as the saying goes (and I’m paraphrasing), only idiots will end using it. In this version they […]