OneDrive is broken. Period.

I use OneDrive to sync (or at least I’d like to) all my Visual Studio projects with two other machines. Sure I’ve tried all the recommend workarounds, but NOTHING works. Nothing.
At some point, OneDrive will stop working with a queue of files waiting to be synced and with the dreaded “Processing changes” message.

It doesn’t matter what version I try, it doesn’t matter what workaround I try, OneDrive never finishes the synchronization process. Never.
And to make matters worst, several times OneDrive decides to override newer files with older ones, making me rely on local backups (good ol’ ZIP files).

A couple of days ago I was forced to re-install Windows from scratch (due to a CRITICAL SERVICE FAILED, for the third time in 2 years). Anyway, this is the state in which OneDrive has remained since re-installing Windows:


And while it sits there, doing nothing, it consumes a huge chunk of CPU and memory resources, doing absolutely nothing.

Microsoft, hear us out: OneDrive is broken!

And please, stop providing solutions that don’t work. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing those canned responses from Microsoft “support technicians”.

Re-installing OneDrive doesn’t solve the problem.
Re-linking the PC doesn’t solve the problem.
Moving OneDrive’s folder location doesn’t solve the problem.
Deleting the log files or some weird hidden file or folder doesn’t solve the problem either.

Face it Microsoft: OneDrive is unusable because it’s broken and I’m not the only one that thinks so, honestly, I’m not.

If you’re also facing similar problems and you’re tired of Microsoft’s indifference, please vote for this request and add a comment explaining your issue(s):