You know what? Fuck you Ubuntu!

I just had it with Ubuntu. I really had some honest and true hope for this distro but I just lost it after installing version 11.10

Canonical is trying to create a distro of Linux, so simple that, as the saying goes (and I’m paraphrasing), only idiots will end using it. In this version they have finally removed, from the default installation, all the components required by any Linux/Ubuntu enthusiast.
Sure it looks beautiful and the installation experience has nothing to envy from other operating systems, but the thing is, and I guess this is what Canonical doesn’t get, whomever installs Ubuntu is going to need all the shit you are trying to hide.

Here’s the thing: Let’s assume that my mom, my wife or any of my friends (well, not any, but about 99% of them) decide to give Ubuntu a try. As soon as they try to do something as simple as to play a DVD, go to YouTube, (try to) watch a video that someone posted on Facebook, or… just to mention a few of the most common tasks a newcomer will try, they are going to end receiving a weird error/warning message explaining that they cannot do that because of some stupid crap about a license and some software that needs to be installed.

Now, please Canonical, go ahead and explain that to my mom, my wife or any of my friends.
What happens next? Well, they call me.

So, what do I do? Simple, I launch Synaptic Package Manager and… wait, what the fuck? Where’s the Synaptic Package Manager?

And that’s just to mention one missing tool. In version 11.10 Canonical has decided to remove everything that WE (the ones who helped make Ubuntu what it is today by either developing for it or by simply sharing it) actually need and use.

Look Canonical, Ubuntu is not Windows nor Mac OS and, hopefully, it will never be. But because of that same reason you are NOT allowed to ignore those who put you in this privileged position of being “the third OS” and the most popular Linux distribution.

And what about Mono in Ubuntu?
Fuck all the fucking idiots and their conspiracy theories about Novell, Mono and Miguel.

Mono is, without a question, the best thing that could have happened to Linux and Canonical should embrace it with the same energy they do other things. Operating systems become popular because of the applications that are available for them, not because of the operating systems themselves and Mono is, by far, the easiest way to attract Windows developers to either port or to simply develop new applications for Ubuntu. Have you learned nothing… at all?
Remember this saying Canonical: “Developers, developers, developers!”

So after going through all the hell of reverting to the standard desktop, because I hate the Unity shit with all my guts, and installing MonoDevelop I find that my screensaver-settings doesn’t fucking work!
Not only the installer for MonoDevelop is broken, as it doesn’t install the C# compiler (holy motherfucking shit!), I just discovered that Canonical killed the screensavers scene altogether!

Yep, in Ubuntu 11.10 THERE ARE NO screensavers.

I did fix the problems with screensaver-settings so that the poor thing doesn’t crash when it finds it has no purpose, but I have decided that there’s actually no purpose in trying to revive a tool where the developers of the operating system insist in killing.

So, without further ado:

screensaver-settings is officially closed/dead


PS: That linux-hater guy surly had it right all along…

  • Ubuntu is one of the linux distros mate, thare are many others you can try. Ubuntu is for noobies, just get on their forums:” I have problem x with transmission, a bittorrent client” Answer:”install wine and utorrent”…WTF!!!!

    Try archlinux or gentoo if you want something else.

    • I think you are missing the point.

      Notice the rant is about Ubuntu, not Linux in general and, although I understand it is intended for “noobs”, as you say, that is no excuse to alienate hardcore/power users. Basically, that’s what the whole rant is about.

      • Ubuntu for ‘noobs’, not so much. I’m have good experience with Ubuntu, and it’s not too user friendly when it comes to making it do exactly what you want… which is why I constantly switch back and forth from linux to windows. All linux distros are pretty much the same, just with a different user interface. That like saying the windows 7 home premium is better than professional. The only difference, really, is that the games aren’t already installed and readily playable.

        Off topic-
        🙁  I’ve noticed that linux in general sucks.  And so does windows.  And so does mac.  Linux has irritating dependency problems and half of the programs just DON’T WORK RIGHT, Windows has a serious problem with viruses (installed Weatherbug.. yes weatherbug, and got a virus), and Mac is just way too proprietary.  You want free bullshit, go with Linux, you want some kick ass games, go with Windows, you want decent stability, go with Mac.

        • Cav

          Can I make a late comment ?
          I just realized that Ubuntu was the cause of death for a great piece of hardware, the Diablotek (Great Wall) U310 all in one PC in a keyboard !
          I’ve bought 3 of them, preloaded with the ugliest, slowest, most useless piece of shit OS in the world, UBUNTU. With Unity.
          If the hardware had come preloaded with DOS these things would be selling like hotcakes for control applications and the like.
          I’m an OSX user for the most part, it works well, intuitive and fast and nothing in any way like that clunky unity imitation but sometimes I have to use Wincrap just to get the work done. So 2 of my keyboard PCs now have XP on them and one has DOS!!!.
          Thanks for letting me get this out of my system, I just flushed ubuntu out of one last night.
          Good riddance !

  • but yes, I agree, Ubuntu isn’t stepping foward, just a shitty step to the side.

  • Charles Maglaughlin

    I 100% agree. Now I have to go back to 11.04. Castrate the moron who did this!

    • For me, Ubuntu died in version 10.04
      Using the 7/8/9 series was an amazing experience, but after 10.04 things started to change and you
      could even tell from the pretencious attitude of the mods at Canonical forums.

      I have just installed Mint/Cinamon on my (now very old) laptop and it’s working wonderfully. Sure, it is based on Debian and there are many pitfalls caused by this new minimalistic/apple mentalitity, but still, it is a lot better than any post-10.xx version of Ubuntu.

      I mean, I still feel like I’m the one “in control” of my computer.

      • bornagainpenguin

        I’m a bit late I know, but on the off chance anyone else comes across this post looking for help on something else, please let me point you and them towards .

        Mate is a renamed and continued developing version of the classic Gnome 2.x desktop and Ubuntu-Mate is the closest thing you’re going to get to the old Ubuntu before they started breaking it after version 10.04. I highly recommend it, it’ll make you feel like you have a new computer.

  • I’ve been on Ubuntu since 8.10.  Not long I guess.  I’m pretty pissed also,  I’m a unix admin. I feel like Ubuntu was really close to wiping out the competition in every hardcore windows user’s mind. I say, let’s all go through proper channels and let canonical fix it. compared to 9.10.  I think 11.10 sucks. 
    I don’t think anyone from cannonical will pay much attention to this though.  Please, Let’s do this right, cuz i fracking hate this too.  Unity has some neat things. But why strip out really good tools.  Please lets make a list here. add to it. then Everyone go write a formal complaint to about the list as it grows. over and over.  that’s what it will take my freinds. pleas keep adding to this list and repost it for easy cut and paste.

    Attention council ;

    Ubuntu has broken and or removed the following features we, the people making up that ring which is your logo, feel have been standard features of Ubuntu that we do not want to do without.

    1. An unaltered Gnome 2 desktop option.
    even after installing the fallback package we can’t even drag an icon to the main menu bar attop the supposed gnome classic desktop.

    2. Compiz is not a fraction of what it used to be.
         I told a co-worker all about compiz and was embarassed
         when all I could do was a cube.  no  top / bottom image, no cylinder, no sphere, no fire painting, my w/wiper was busted on the rain, fire and many other extra affects were removed, there’s like 3 now where there were 20 or so before. I spent 2 hours just to get the damn cube to work where I never had a problem before.  I thought compiz fusion would help, it’s broken.

    3. user settings manager is completely stripped down.  Yeah I need to be able to point and click to prevent Joe from using a usb drive.  bring back that cool user manager app.

    4.  went to set my screensaver to flip through pictures of my daughter.  wtf, it’s completely gone.

    5. told that co-worker how easy it was to get themes and such just like in windows… wtf , it’s gone too.  we have a choice of 4 themes.  brilliant.

    6. gufw ,  looks like crap now.

    7. broadcom drivers missing had to install packages to fix.  somehow the wireless driver seemed to work during install though.

    8. power settings stripped down.

    9. synaptic pkg manager.  yeap, we like it.

    10. banshee is not working well, turns gray and locks up,  I have a quad core / 4gb ram.   I liked rythem box.
    same hardware has worked trouble free in other ubuntu versions.

    11. online accounts – what is it ? ok, account type can be google. only google.  huh.  where in the world wide web did I create that account.  Oh yeah, it was GOOGLE.  LOL.

    12.  help me out folks….

    • Yep… you pretty much nailed it.

      I specially liked this part:

      “…we, the people making up that ring which is your logo…”

      Well, I don’t really care anymore — since the day of this post I haven’t used Linux again.

    • well it wiped out linux ya cant download that anymore with out paying for it i loved linux

  • Yep… you pretty much nailed it.

    I specially liked this part:
    “…we, the people making up that ring which is your logo…”

    Well, I don’t really care anymore — since the day of this post I haven’t used Linux again.

  • Callme Shane

    After praying to the one eyed god for a long time, I was an early adopter – anything to get away from Microsoft and their bullshit naziware and when Ubuntu finally became practical instead of a programming lesson – just to install, I came on board full time with it.

    Have been using it for a long time – but when 11.10 came on the scene I just clicked that this is a fucking bullshit trip.

    An OS is just a tool to facilitate me transforming my ideas into practical results – nothing more, and in fact the less “glossy fuckwit interface” it is, the better it becomes and vis versa.

    So I switched to Xubuntu – an Xfce version of it and with lots of downloads etc, it’s fucking brilliant.

    Kind of like Windoze 3.11 – it’s just a functional adjustable interface, and it’s simple, it’s just menus and functions and results….

    So yeah go for the Xubuntu version – it’s what you want if you want to work for a living instead of being distracted by stupid shit for stupid people by stupid people.

  • 1313564657483564.354135664 agree i hate it so much that i want to run it over with a car

  • i like microsoft better 

  • fintel

    Every release just gets worse and worse. I can’t stand it anymore. At work my deadlines keep getting missed because ubuntu decides in the spirit of the moment to update something that ends up breaking it instead. FUCK YOU UBUNTU and hello MAC.

    • I feel your frustration and, honestly, at this moment, I’m not sure what OS I’ll be using next year.

      Windows Dumb (aka 8)? Don’t think so.
      Linux-based distro? Probably, but which one?
      MacOS? err… no. Never.

      I guess I’ll have to stick to Win7 until it becomes obsolete.

      What the hell are these product managers thinking?
      OSs used to be exciting. Every updated brought new stuff, useful stuff.
      Nowadays, OSs seem to become more crippled as their version number increments.

    • Gunnar Forsgren

      And this is exactly what the grand conspiracy is after accomplishing !! They managed to kill Ubuntu which was close to wipe out the competition. Now with the latest versions the performance is down to maybe 25% of what it used to be. God knows what the OS is occupied with doing these days. Some sleep statements I presume.

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  •  i agree and also 12.04 it will keep freezing i tell my dad we should go back to windows 7 or xp

  • 1000% agreed
    Trying to install wine since last week

    shit says waiting for jockey backend to exit. and it may take a millenia for that FREAKIN JOCKEY_BACKEND to exit

  • Ashiqur Rahman Ashik

    I am from Bangladesh and was a good fan of Ubuntu. But it’s too bad what they have don to the distro. I hate ubuntu 12.04 It’s completely bull shit. You know i can not use my favorite rgba transparency, compiz fusion & emerald theme. I am trying to go back to my ubuntu 8.04 version. Unity is also irritating. They made us slow and it sometimes more irritating when want to open same window like home twice. Hate for this bad ubuntu.

  • This is the love child of Windows Vista and the iPhone.. Absolute shit.. No, not “the shit”.. just shit.

    It takes several minutes to just open a program, when before it was on the top menu, all handy.. Maybe I could complain about more stuff if it didn’t take so long just to switch between applications.

  • thank you! Finally someone that shares the same peice. My modem only works on windows so, basically have no internet conection when i boot ubuntu, so i can’t install g++ and the other guys… I downloaded the precise liveDVD since i thought it was a workaround to getting most building tools, that makes sence, right? But to my dissapointment… I think im heading over to greener pastures, im thinking of giving slackware a chance, any comments on that?

    • I haven’t tried Slackware.
      Since I need a Linux distro that can fully support Mono and MonoDevelop I’ve decided to go for openSUSE.
      It sucks in many aspects but, at least, Mono and fully supported and I can work on my cross-platforms projects.


    Hell yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNITY IS THE STUPIDEST PILE OF FUCKING SHIT I’VE EVER SEEN IN THE COMPUTING WORLD !!! I want to find the idiots that developed it and break their fingers !
    Thanks a ton now I have to find a new OS to put on my customers computers , your actually costing me money!
    Do you really think I would donate money to you ?!
    Yeah right !

    • ben andrews

      ubuntu is the shittest fing nown in the history of shittyness u cant play minecraft u cant do any FUCKING FING FUCK U UBUNTU I HOPE YOR CREATORS BURN IN HELL AND THERE FAMILYS

      • ben andrews


      • Brain cancer

        yes that is the spirit keep it up man

  • This is old, but what the hell. I just installed Ubuntu on a laptop to try it and to avoid buying W7. It worked well for about a month, but now I’m getting the F^&KING screen flicker and can’t fix the F*$KING thing. I’m a newbie and don’t know jack about Ubuntu, and this issue is driving me NUTS. Guess there’s a reason it’s going to remain about as obscure as an honest politician.

  • odd that you all have negitve things to say about ubuntu, i use 12.04 and have no problems at all, i even have all the orginal ubuntu screensavers installed, and unity is totally customizable, i’ve watched ubuntu grow from a os that could bearly surf the net to something that i am proud to run on my $1,300 laptop. on top of that my customers LOVE it. so i really don’t see why you all hate it so much, if you can’t figure out how to run it, then i ask, who is the idiot?

    • The fact that you can customize it to fit your needs is, indeed, a great thing.

      But, the main problem is that, out of the box, recent versions of Ubuntu seem to be targeted to “normal” users, which is fine, but doing so Canonical has butchered all the things that made it so popular among Linux enthusiast as most of the people who have posted their comments on this blog.

      Why do you think Linux Mint is gaining so much momentum?
      Mainly because:

      – It is based on Ubuntu, so it’s a proven great platform and provides access to the huge Ubuntu/Debian apps ecosystem.

      – It ditches Gnome3 and that Unity madness in favor of lighter UI stacks.

      – The community around Mint hasn’t had the time to grow arrogant as the surrounding Ubuntu’s.

      – And, overall, it provides that great out of the box experience that you used to get with older releases of Ubuntu.

      I understand the now-a-days need to dumb-down operating systems in order to attract new users — but I refuse to take that argument as an excuse to remove, change and just murder the parts of the operating system that helped it become an important contender in OS market-share.

  • Phill

    I agree, and Ubuntu 12.04 is even more worthless. I upgraded from 10.10, and it broke my video, X Windows, and sound drivers…….

  • Let me put this in a very polite way:

    I really really tried getting used to Unity, but there are no ways of continuing so. The global menu bar is a joke: shouldn’t it behave just like the OSX bar? Why can’t I see the menus at all times while I am in the application? Crap. This is just crap.

    I don’t know WHO is the person behind this, but this NAMELESS person must be thinking is above truth and knowledge, which he’s probably not. And I’d like to point out that no human being is immortal, we should not take decisions as If we going to stay around forever, because life might surprises us.

  • Emmanuel Reynoso

    Honestly, whenever I install ubuntu it’s 10.04 LTS for me 🙂

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  • mickrussom

    Ubuntu is garbage. Its a messy dump, it changes all the time, they have ADD ADHD, they eliminate well known wats of doing things in favor of new ways without documenting them, canonical is a dumb cancer loser dump. Ubuntu in production stinks, the packaging actually sucks, the updating is ruthless, 1gB per motnh, its unstable, stupid , breaks ancient workflows, its bloated, and simple things like vmwaretools barely work. The canonical people are scum, they make a mess, break things, support is laughable, and this is the worst direction linux can go in. Developers used to be humble and keep the way things were and are and build around stuff that works.

    Now the clowns break everything and before they fix their new bastard child they move on calling anything over 6 months old old junk.

    Meanwhile mainframes run in production for 15+ years without a peep.

    So much for these clowns.

    • Ok, now take a deep breath and… breath… 😉

  • Ace Ginger

    I’ve only been a user of ubuntu for about a year, and only from 10.04 and above, and I recognize that unity essentially ruins the operating system. My favorite distro 10.10 has now of course been killed, which makes it impossible for me to download software. I was willing to give unity a try for about 3 days before i cracked. I was willing to try to work around unity with things like MATE for about 2 weeks, I was willing to keep using ubuntu 10.10 despite that I cant get anything new with it for about a month and a half. I have gone back to windows 7, and I really hope that canonical realizes that this will kill ubuntu. AND IF THEY MUST INSIST ON UNITY, then even still they could make compatibility options for gnome 2 and the old way. In the settings you could just open up a manager, change the settings to gnome 2, and just get on with life. That seems to me the best way to do it. Since most people who like unity are the non-advanced users, then maybe canonical could make unity the default. But my lord, there absolutely must be gnome 2 support or I will slander the idiots who make the crap and will refuse to acknowledge ubuntu as a viable os until they do so.

  • i am with you brother i fucking hate ubuntu i had to install it because my windows shat it self now and i have trieds to repaire it but i am having a fucking hard time trying to download anything or install anyhting ie like a simple fucking programme because it dont reconise any .exe files what the fuck

    • justextreme

      You are a retarded faggot. Exe files are windows only. Eat shit and die before you reproduce you little cocksucking arsehole.

      • You should really learn to take a joke…

      • Newman Fertig

        Did you say arsehole? What’s an arse? Dude, the dude is saying he is agreeing with you and come at him all big and stupid like. Lighten up Francis.

  • Gilbert Straight

    I installed Linux 12.04 today, Just something else I had to delete my computers hard drive was probably laughing at me over that one

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo

    Trying to simply install “TestDisk” on my Ubuntu USB stick. How the fucking shitsucking hell do I install this goddamned “TAR.BZ2” shit? This garbage is why nobody is ever going to use Linux.


    • Newman Fertig

      You should go back to Windows bud. Linux isn’t for everyone. You need to approach it like a hobby almost, and then without realizing it, you’re quite proficient with it. But you sound like you’re a long long way from that.

  • Ashy Larry

    I’m trying to just install the mother fucker (turns out my graphics card doesn’t like it) finally after a fucking day of dicking around with this horse shit I get a desktop that lags so bad it’s unusable.

    CAN ANYONE PLEASE RECOMMEND A FREE LINUX ALTERNATIVE? (one that won’t take a shit with a computer using an nvidia graphics card)

    FUCK Ubuntu, fuck it right in it’s ear.

    • You may want to try Linux Mint.
      It is similar to Ubuntu (as it’s also based on Debian), but without all the crap.

    • Newman Fertig

      Bodhi Linux, but guess what…based on ubuntu. But it uses the Enlightenment UI, and it’s speedy quick. Try it.

  • async2013

    Bunch of loons. Ubuntu 13.10 is fantastic and brings linux to the masses more, now go back to your hole you will find its time to hibernate

    • If you just new how sad you sound…
      Next time you care to comment, please, try a little bit harder.

    • If you just knew how sad you sound… is canonical paying you?
      Next time you care to comment, please, try a little bit harder… and , at least, try to make a point, based on my arguments.

    • mickrussom

      Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong. Yer wrong. Yer wrong. WRONG.

  • Paul Ber

    Yes F Ubuntu. They break what work every time. Wifi drivers suck and don’t work. Back around 9.04 to 10.04 there never was a problems with wifi driver. Going back to Mint or Zorin. So Ubuntu and Mark Shuttleworth you can have the middle finger.

    • WiFi drivers are a gray and delicate area, mainly because most WiFi hardware manufacturers, in order to cut costs, move the hardware firmware to the drivers (software) side.

      Consequently, WiFi drivers are expected to include a piece of closed/proprietary code (that should have originally been integrated into the hardware chipset) in the drivers.
      So, if the manufacturer doesn’t provide native Linux drivers, you’re “almost” out of luck.

      As much as one would like to keep the Ubuntu hating theme, in this case, this is not something that Canonical, nor any other Linux distro, can be blamed for.

  • AnotherGeek

    By the way, who in here had used ubuntu for the longest time(yrs)? I’ve been using ubuntu for about 6yrs. Thanks to Cannonical and opensource community for sharing this for free.

    • Newman Fertig

      I’ve used it going back to about 1997 or so. Bought a box from Dell with Red Hat on it. I had no idea how to log on, had to call tech support. Funny.

  • Bruce Harrington

    I started using ubuntu 6.04 and quickly went to ultimate ubuntu . I’ve used every version since, IE: 6.10,7.04, 7.10, ect stopping at Mint 9. Switched to Mint after 9.10. 8.04 was the last good ubuntu distro. The retards at cannonical and other distros as well, don’t support anything longer than 3 years. WTF, windows XP (12yrs old), still most used OS in business and medical in the world. These dumb geeks never finish or completely fix anything. They just go on to make another broken OS worse than the last one. THEY ARE CLUELESS!

  • Brain cancer

    Ubuntu is giving me brain cancer. I am about to trash my computer and migrate to Siberia. Keep hating. Fuck Ubuntu and Unity, whatever that is. Fuck them all.

  • Brain cancer

    Fuck Microsoft too, fuck Apple, fuck computers in general.

  • Brain cancer

    But not GTA V.

  • Brain cancer

    I want to take back my previous statements. I would feel bad if my post got people to not try Ubuntu. I was in a silly mood. Actually I really love Ubuntu. More and more so. Sure it is pretty difficult to handle, especially in the beginning. But after reading many guides, doing different tutorials I am actually getting the hang of it. And I really like it a lot and I feel I am learning so much about computers and how they work. Things that Windows doesn’t encourage you to learn or try, Ubuntu does. Typing these crazy commands in the terminal, such fun. Under Windows my pc was a slow, frustrating mess, a piece of garbage you couldn’t do anything with. And now, wow, this old machine is doing things I never imagined possible. 3d shooter games like Max Payne 2, playing Bluray films. It runs fast and smooth. The Ubuntu help community is lovely. Any problem you have, in the forums there are people willing to help you, really taking time to go into the problem until it is solved. And the most amazing aspect of all, it is all for free. Totally free. You need a program for this or that, most likely its there to download, for free, no shitty extra programs with it, just that what you need. No man, my deepest gratitude to all those people making all this. I really see new and better for future for people in this movement. A different mentality. Where Windows, or Apple have that passive aggressive, arrogance around itself, that stench of profit lust, the Linux community creates a much more relaxed and friendly environment. Hard to explain, just feels very different. It’s like this, you’re not any longer a customer, but more of a member, contributor.

    So again, my apologies for my previous statement.

    As for the writer of this article. I believe his issue with Ubuntu goes down to the level of programmers and developers, people that actually worked on the thing. I can’t say anything about that.

    • I almost stopped reading at “after reading many guides, doing different tutorials I am actually getting the hang of it”.

      OS X is based on BSD (which is similar to UNIX/Linux) and I have NEVER heard of anyone having to open the Terminal to do anything.
      Sure you can do magic in the console… but Apple has managed to create an interface that for 99.99% of its users it is completely unnecessary.

      It’s like having a touch-based interface where you need to use the mouse to complete some tasks. Ridiculous!

      But that’s beside the point of the main post.
      Although mainly focused from a developer’s point of view, the fact is that Canonical is trying to re-invent the UI and UX… and they are doing it wrong.
      That is it; nothing more.

      • Jadon Levesque

        Except that OSX is based on Unix, because BSD is Unix…

        BSD isn’t similar to Unix, it is Unix.

        • Wrong.
          Both Linux and BSD are “based” on UNIX, translation: they are NOT UNIX.

          • Newman Fertig

            Wow, in Wikipedia. Then you must be right after all. (Last time I checked, Wikipedia was still open to anyone for editing).

          • Refuting an argument by questioning its source requires that you provide a source of your own.

            Since you failed (miserably) to do so, let me do it for you (third paragraph):

          • trollarc

            As a consequence of the open structure, Wikipedia “makes no guarantee
            of validity” of its content, since no one is ultimately responsible for
            any claims appearing in it.[168] Concerns have been raised by PC World in 2009 regarding the lack of accountability that results from users’ anonymity,[169] the insertion of false information,[170] vandalism, and similar problems.

          • Newman Fertig

            Oh yes, you’re right. Who could challenge Wikipedia? Lol. Don’t tell me, let me guess. Only child?

          • Bad Horse

            Linux isn’t even a branch. It’s a new codebase. So I guess it’s not unix at all.

          • If you want to continue to focus on semantics… then be my guest.

            Linux is to Unix, as ReactOS is to Windows.

            This is what I meant in my original reply. The word “based” does not imply that the linux code, for example, inherits directly from the original UNIX code base. It is simply “based” on…

            Get it?

          • trollarc

            I would like your post, if it weren’t for the anti-semantic commentary.

          • Rob Holman

            It isn’t really a matter of semantics, unless you mean you struggle with the semantics of common English vernacular, such as the use of the dichotomy “is” or “isn’t”.

            You appear to imply this is a difference without a distinction, and that complex semantics are being used to convolute the argument. That’s not the case.

            You’re just wrong, and he’s right. Dot. I hope that was semantically clear. BSD is a UNIX. It stems from code released under the Berkely license, which was used in AT&T’s Research UNIX® operating system. This is isn’t jiggery-fuckery it’s a fact. So…once more for effect:

            1. BSD is UNIX
            2. GNU-Linux is Not Unix

            I hope that clears it up. Finally. At last.

            An Enterprise UNIX/Linux admin

          • flobbie

            its (a) UNIX

          • Rob Holman

            Correct. It is UNIX-like. BSD is UNIX. It doesn’t make it better, or make it cure impotence or make coffee or anything, it isn’t a value judgement. GNU-Linux is great in its own right, but it is not UNIX.

          • flobbie

            there has never existed a single operating system that could be called THE unix !!!

          • Rob Holman

            Uh… UNIX has many branches. Hence “branch of UNIX”. Maybe you should note…all the other words in what you just quoted? BSD is a UNIX.


        • Newman Fertig

          BSD isn’t Unix dude.

          • Bad Horse

            Google it.

  • anon

    i switched from windows 8.1 on ubuntu 3.10 and i taught it will be better but it is even worse cannot install network printer problems with skype internal errors mozilla crashing after few seconds doesnt see external hdd well its the worst OS i ever had. cheers

    • I hope you meant 13.10

    • Jadon Levesque

      Printer: Google it.
      Skype: Get Google Hangouts. It’s better.
      HDD: Google it.

      Judging by your spelling and grammar, I assume you aren’t the best with computers- I’ve found that most people with horrid english tend to be the ones that aren’t very good with computers…

      • Not necessarily.
        Since you like google so much, try googling “dislexia”.

        • Jadon Levesque

          I say google to Print and HDD because it can depend on the type you have- Not all printers have the same setup process as others, some may have nice extra features, etc.

          • George Frayer

            Also not ALL printers are Linux compatible. We all know Microsoft gives huge bonuses for manufacturers NOT to make Linux Drivers and to make the hardware non-linux compliant.

      • Newman Fertig

        Jardon, printer: google it? Obnoxious jerk: google it.



    • Jadon Levesque

      “The computer thinks, it’s the people that don’t.”

      You don’t know how to manage permissions, and you blame an OS? A simple Google… Unless you lack the intelligence to use your web browser?

      • I agree with you… but the thing is that, with Linux, the “use google to fix a problem” becomes an everyday task.
        This does not happen (that often) with Windows/MacOS.
        And the problem is that it has been this way since day one.

        • jjcase

          It sure has been a journey since trying out ubuntu 13.10 ,32 and 64 bit versions. Now even the windows install disk wont boot up after bios selects it as primary boot, neither will DVD movies play, must have messed up something after Ubuntu install! Im afraid to try some shooter games, hehe, if wine allows it. Not to mention you have to pay for Crossover, to keep it. But im not complaining…

      • David Warfield

        GOOGLE AND uBUNTU’S WEBSITE FIXXED EVERYTHING. well the sound but who cares if it pings. movies work, cds play, all i care about.

  • William Holden

    Fuck linux, FUCK PULSEAUDIO, this shit is why the masses wont use linux, people dont give a fuck about this that or anything, they just want their shit to WORK. Fuck windows but at least i get fucking sound, and nice shitty gfx drivers guys, WOW…Look, if you want people to use linux FIX THE FUCKING SOUND, i dont want to spend HOURS trying to figure this shit out, im done, back to winblows…

    • Regarding PulseAudio:
      It is a shame that is so broken because it actually is an amazing package… when it works.

      • George Frayer

        Agreed, typically I compile Pulse myself, this solves (ALOT) of problems. to bad Alsa devs never addressed the multi function problem or else we wouldnt even need pulse.

    • Newman Fertig

      Oh yeah, good solution dude. Not.

      • David Warfield

        windows is better NOT!

      • Chris

        Jesus christ, this dude is still using “… NOT!” lol

        • Newman Fertig

          What a little twerp you are with that high school response. Grow up little man.

    • David Warfield

      good riddance

    • shining newman

      what’s the problem with PULSEAUDIO?

  • mickrussom

    Ubuntu continues to suck horribly. The fool shuttleworth is now busy rewriting X with an even more crap Mir.

  • Cav

    Can I make a late comment ?
    I just realized that Ubuntu was the cause of death for a great piece of hardware, the Diablotek (Great Wall) U310 all in one PC in a keyboard !
    I’ve bought 3 of them, preloaded with the ugliest, slowest, most useless piece of shit OS in the world, UBUNTU. With Unity.
    If the hardware had come preloaded with DOS these things would be selling like hotcakes for control applications and the like.
    I’m an OSX user for the most part, it works well, intuitive and fast and nothing in any way like that clunky unity imitation but sometimes I have to use Wincrap just to get the work done. So 2 of my keyboard PCs now have XP on them and one has DOS!!!.
    Thanks for letting me get this out of my system, I just flushed ubuntu out of one last night.
    Good riddance !

  • Newman Fertig

    Dude, what can I say. You’re right. You could have said it without the profanity, but you’re right. Canonical is comical. Having said that, it’s still a great ‘underpining’ framework. Just boot it up, rip out Unity, Install XFCE of whatever UI you like, and go for it.

    • David Warfield

      may i suggest Eubuntu? the GUI is user friendly

      • Newman Fertig

        Good suggestion. Everybody get that?

  • Newman Fertig

    Wow, I read through all these comments, and had such fun. I was laughing out loud some of the time. Honestly people, lighten up. For you lovers of old Ubuntu 10.04 – go get it. What’s stopping you? If you have a hate-on for Unity, just blow it away and install another session manager. It’s easy. Don’t let the clowns over at canonical get you down. Yes, they’re trying to monetize a wonderful operating system, and yes, they’re trying to turn it into Windows XP or something, but chill out! The guts is still Linux. Be smarter than that. Chill Out.

    • David Warfield

      right on dude

    • George Frayer

      The guts are broken, in general. Rather than fix an issue Ubuntu tries to remove major components all together and label it as (Unsupported)

      • Newman Fertig

        Oh yo mama…the guts are broken…you have not a clue do you? Look at Arch. Guts broken…you are too funny.

  • Ben Dover

    Every damn release they pull this shit, and every damn release it gets worse. Another feature broken, another function crippled. I could deal with this, progress always has obstacles, it’s just that it seems almost universally in the name of prettying it up for the “casual user.” First it was Gnome3. That pissed me off a little but I switched to KDE and got over it. Then it was the inability to come out of hibernation/sleep retaining any sort of network functionality whatsoever. So much for the networking features that drew me to linux in the first place ten years ago, but hey, nothing a little Google and Nano can’t fix. Pulseaudio was rocky when it started, and it’s still half broken, but all that meant was that I wasn’t quite ready to give up smoking. Oh look, half of the simple text conf files that used to be the model of working around under the hood have been replaced by bullshit databases. You know what, man, that’s fine. Really. I’m just going to open up this bottle of vodka.

    Today, though, I just about gave up. I went to install 13.10 and discovered that not only did they scrap the alt install disk entirely but they wrecked the ability to use encrypted LVM with a manual disk setup. So much for my nice dual boot, but hey, I can always “try” the distro I’ve been using for the last six fucking years since I left Fedora Core, and there’s a fix involving half an hour of spare time, half a pack of smokes, and manual cryptsetup luksBullshit. Fair fucking trade.

    Every time something like this happens, it gets harder to shake the feeling that my demographic, the seasoned vets in the Cult of Tux, is being told we don’t matter while they pander to users who go running back to Windows the second they have a problem. So yeah, I’m sorry Ubuntu, but after all this time I’m going to start seeing other distros. It’s not me, it’s you.

    Edit: *And PLEASE, if I do come back, Ubuntu, fix your copy/paste wordwrap.*

    • David Warfield

      i started with QIMO for my son. now doing one for myself. 14.04 works well where vista used to be. and talk about hassles, vista refuses to play a dvd in the 64 bit!

    • Newman Fertig

      Suggestion…You don’t like something, code it better dude. This ain’t no friggin Microsoft.

    • Heinz

      I used to like Ubuntu, even tried to find good points about Unity. But now I spent the whole fucking day trying to get samba working with Windows 7 or 8 – in 2015! And it still doesn’t work. I am not willing to spend more than 5 minutes on this, as it used to work just fine years ago. I am not saying that I want to go back to my Slackware install of 1996, but this was it with Ubuntu. I think I’ll try CentOS.

  • Bad Horse

    I just installed Ubuntu 13.10 desktop, and am bewildered. How do I run anything? How do I install anything? It’s the uselessness of a Mac plus the obscurity of Linux. No “start”, no terminal, no “Applications”, no package manager, and the software updater crashed and deleted itself the first time I ran it (without updating anything). Everything is freaking icons. Instead of the word “Network”, there’s a picture of two arrows, one pointing up and one pointing down.

    • Newman Fertig

      Hang in there. It will come together.

      • Chris

        Do you have stock in Canonical or something? lol

  • erik

    13.10 just freshly installed and running and now about to be wiped in favor of Mint. Why in God’s name is a term window so frigging impossible to find…yet I have amazon buttons and have the libreoffice applications taking up half the useless action bar. Worst desktop experience in recent memory.

  • Daz

    I’ve stuck around the Ubuntu scene for a while, even though from 10.04 onwards I wasn’t happy. Every release seems to go a little further downhill. The final straw came when I installed 14.04 LTS and experienced two weeks of crashing, freezing, shutdown failures, startup failures, missing libraries, incorrect drivers, broken packages that wouldn’t fix…it just goes on and on. And all this from a Long Term Support release!

    I’ve switched to Mint and it’s like using Ubuntu when it was at its best. It’s very snappy, easy, looks great and doesn’t mind you getting a little dirty editing config files.

    Canonical, having created a fantastic Linux distro, have then systematically destroyed it – all in the name of profit. I now have about as much respect for them as I do for Apple, MIcrosoft and Google…and that is absolutely none. Shame on you Shuttleworth.

    • David Warfield

      in just finished installing 14.04 on a vista 64 bit machine. awesome job UBUNTU!
      yeah there were snags, but 14.04 is stable when installed correctly.

  • fattyz

    I might switch to another distro, I love your sentiments and agree. The breaking point. Not only will Unity be remembered (forgotten) as one of the stupidest decisions ever made but now in 14.04 you have people fixing Compiz and Emerald for them because they (the best of the best of this homemade OS) are no longer supported. Compiz + Emerald + the fallback regular desktop. That IS Ubuntu/Linux. It makes it almost worth it to have to search the Ubuntu forums as though it were your part time job to make simple things (like youtube) work. What a joke.
    Thanks for your post.

  • David Warfield

    so you did not install the library package? an aftermarket video player. people like ubuntu because they get to decide what features they have.

  • Zoffix

    Yeah, Ubuntu became a giant pile of shit. I switched to Bodhi Linux. Works for me so far…

  • Peter Shaw

    Just installed a desktop build of 13.04, and discovered that hell does in fact still exist!!

    Iv’e been a die hard Ubuntu fan for years, but I have to confess I very, very, very rarely install a desktop build, I’m a command line junkie and for most of what I do all I need is the CLI, so I usually install server versions only with non of that rubbish.

    However, I found myself erlier today needing to test something in a *nix GUI for a blog post I’m doing, and can I find a term, can I F***, synaptic, and just where in hell is that installed, no probs then can I just have some kind of CLI so I can at least install mono and the CLI tools and test what I need to test?? No F***ing chance.

    Ubuntu, you need to get your fingers out of your assholes, simple as that. While I commend the idea of trying to make it simple to use by the average joe, your doing it ALL WRONG!!

    MS Made that mistake once over too, and there was a backlash, they had to eventually make it simple BUT provide accessible tools to turn the un-simple stuff back on if needed.

    You guys NEED to do the same, otherwise people like me will just walk away.

    • If you’re such a command line pro then why did you search for f*** synaptic?

      • Peter Shaw

        *Wags finger @Gayan and tuts….*

        • Newman Fertig

          Yeah, but Gayan got cha…Lol

          • Peter Shaw

            Nah, it was obvious he’d just had his supper but was still hungry.

          • Newman Fertig


    • Newman Fertig

      Dude…people have been running away…in droves! Arch Linux is trending. Check out tube my mom runs Linux…it’s Arch. I am getting ready to take the plunge.

  • Nikola

    I am new to linux and after wondering for couple of months i finally installed Ubuntu 14.04. Started it everything is good stable but no FUCKING INTERNET SERIOUSLY I’VE BEEN TRYING TO FIX THIS SHIT ALL FUCKING WEEK AND NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENS FUCK THIS!

    • Newman Fertig

      Linux is not for everyone. Requires thought, research, intelligent questions posed to the community. Try Windows. Better fit for you maybe.

      • Nikola

        I got it to work but it’s not stable at all and don’t tell me what to try and what not to so please fuck off.

        • Newman Fertig

          You see? This is what happens when you don’t finish high school people. You can not make a substantive argument or even express yourself with intellectual confidence of any kind so you have to rely on profanity. Repeat after me Nikola, “wanna super size that order?”.

          • Nikola

            Oh please stop random internet guy you are hurting my feelings. So if somebody doesn’t write or say something that suits your style he is an idiot a retard and so on. Well if you think this thinking is smart think again and outside the box if you can of course but from what i see you can’t so i am gonna repeat myself fuck off mister. Because people like you irritate me so much in real life that i want to beat the shit out of them.

          • Newman Fertig

            Are you saying you are an idiot? Or a retard? Once again, you have not made yourself clear. I’m a black belt, so watch your threats!

          • Nikola

            Ok bye.

          • Chris

            Hahaha ooh he has an internet black belt! Look out!

          • a2d2

            Maybe you’re right however your communals wil not help her. May even do something worst: put off of anyone who might be of valuable help to her. So think twice please unless you are selfish bit and promote yourself as someone whose the best achievement so far is a high school education. No offence, it’s just an impression I’ve got based on your post.

      • Brian Donovan

        hey, do you work for microsht? because you are driving people to it.

        Linux programmers have always been arrogant. That’s the biggest problem with linux and it’s spawn.

        • accorn

          No.. linux programmers are hard at work making new drivers when commercial companies stop official supporting the hardware… all the while entitled users are moaning because they didn’t do it fast enough. Why don’t you contribute instead of complaining?

          • Brian

            See? Bug reports are “whining”. User are “entitled”. TRON anyone?

            I truly thank the folks who volunteer their time to create free software.

            It’s a shame they often ruin that value of it with attitude.

      • Anton Zuykov

        “Requires thought, research, intelligent questions”

        That is why people, who spend their time doing something other than installing drivers for the process of installation, rather than for the end result ended up using other systems. That is how it was, is and will be. Linux is great thing for those who wish to spend time, in order to fix somebody’s mistakes.

        • accorn

          You really don’t get it. Your not spending time “fixing a mistake”. If your hardware doesn’t work you have to understand that not all distros support the same hardware out of the box because they are based on different kernels & development schedules. And even more important volunteers have to apply fixes based on things outside of their control. Like for EXAMPLE when ATI stopped supporting older video cards with official drivers that meant open source volunteers had to work harder to get the open source drivers up to snuff. It takes work – yet you whine and complain instead of appreciate it.

      • meshak bethal

        Windows and Linux are fine for me but then….Windows 10 came in. And Microsoft…Well their sh*t destroyed my internet connection. And it said nothing about expiring!

    • a2d2

      Couple of years ago I had the same prolem. I’ve switched to Linux Mint and so far I can’t see the reason to change for anything else. Ubuntu belongs to past now. No wonder why they named themselves Utopic Unicorn. Daah!

      • accorn

        Umm.. there are tons of popular Ubuntu based distros such as Xubuntu or Linux Light, or Lubuntu.. certainly not at all in the past just because your whining about it.

    • meshak bethal

      Well if you had Windows technical preview it could be more because first, I had no USB so i could not recover, second, NO RECOVERY DRIVE ACSESS, third, after a few days, THE INTERNET STOPPED WORKING FOR DAYS!

  • George Frayer

    I have Ubuntu 14.04 installed. Huge mistake and being that I am in mid-session with class, I dont have time to switch back to Debian. I figured I would switch over to Fluxbox to speed things along, but still as slow as a snail. With 8 gigs of ram it should not be slower than Winblows. You GUI sucks, Your broken Mono sucks and you are bastardizing Linux in general.

    • Newman Fertig

      Why would you blow away Debian with Ubuntu…why didn’t you just install it in virtual box first and try it? No offense but serves you right. Sorry dude…truth can be brutal. Peace out.

      • Brian Donovan

        Your sort of response just makes less of us want to do anything but win and mac.

        I wrote operating systems, I made a great living in software and you guys are ruining it.

      • accorn

        Ubuntu is BETTER then Debian for windows users (and frankly anyone that doesn’t want to waste time) since it has the ability to load both open source and proprietary drivers from a simple control panel. Is everything perfect? No, but it is a work in progress. If people find unity bloated they should just try a light distro like Linux Lite or LXLE.

    • accorn

      Try a lighter ubuntu like Linux Lite or LXLE, or even Xubuntu/Lubuntu although I personally thinkthe first two are best and you might find it better.
      There is a lot more to Ubuntu then the mother distro – and just because you hate the main tree doesn’t mean you’ll hate all the trunks.

  • Bohdi Satva

    Just ignore Canonical, and they will go away.

    • Newman Fertig

      I saw their ads coming a mile away. They really are the antithesis of Linux.

      • Bohdi Satva

        The ads are the only feature I could get to work. It’s pretty funny, though. This article was written 3 years ago, yet some people still keep using and complaining about Ubuntu even though their policies just keep getting worse.

        • Newman Fertig

          Great point.

  • johnsoda

    I removed Ubuntu 14 from my box for several reasons. 1 – HATED Unity (tried to uninstall the thing which was a mistake). 2 – resource hog. 3 – standardization (all of my servers are RedHat based so why not my box?). 4 – several little bugs(nbd but they do add up). 5 – obnoxiously frequent updates (you’d think that’d be a good thing but not when they introduce new problems while fixing old ones). Ubuntu may be ahead of the curve in some respects but I think they move too fast. Several projects that I enjoy to use simply return to background noise because the latest and greatest version of Ubuntu doesn’t support it. There’s only two answers to that problem. Slow down base OS development so people don’t have to CONSTANTLY update their project or join that particular open source project and update it yourself. ITS NOT GOOD FOR OPEN SOURCE if you’re constantly changing your OS to the point where it doesn’t support legacy. I’m not asking Ubuntu to become CentOS here but I do think the community needs to take a chill pill.

  • Guillermo

    Perhaps Ubuntu isn´t for you. I am using Linux for more than 15 years. I think Ubuntu is a great approach for non-Linux users and a huge contribution to the community.

    • nani 23

      Hi if you now any thing can help me in opensuse plz contact me here ( ,you have 15 years work with linux you shoud now better then me 😉 tnx

  • humpity

    It’s not Ubuntu, it’s Unity and the bloat they pile on top.
    Try the lightweight variants Lubuntu, Xubuntu..etc, they
    absolutley fly. And try 32bit before 64bit. 64 drivers still are not perfect.

    • shining newman

      You’re right my friend… my computer is really doing well with Lubuntu, it even works with 256mb of RAM. With users looking for design, they must try LXLE.

  • nani 23

    Some one send me how i use my opensuse !! I dont understand anything but i have a work i shoud work with it so i have learne it !

  • stray57

    I must be doing something wrong because it works fine for me.. I went from 12:04 lts to 14:04, had to reinstall because I had finally arrived in the 21st century and wanted 64 bits, and apart from not having stuff and not realizing I don’t have it until I need it and then installing it, I’ve had no problems. I just put win 7 on a laptop for a friend (she insisted on windows, I wasn’t being mean) and it took nearly 2 days to get all the updates and to find the drivers to make the device manager happy.. I’m glad I use Ubuntu.. but then, I’ve been installing Mint 17 for a few people lately, it takes about half an hour and no complaints yet..

    • Rivenburg

      I use mint 17 mate & cinnamon on different machines, cinnamon will act like windows-like (a giant pig that sits & spins forever) if I don’t have htop running absolutely first thing. HTOP is a good luck charm AFAIK, launching other apps is instantaneous as long as HTOP is running first, if NOT, just launching firefox or the file manager takes 20 minutes. GIANT pig, just like windows if not babysat by HTOP.

  • Shaikh Kamran

    Frm the last weak im using ubunto fr the frst time…n the exprince that i learnd in that …i want to jst say …..Fuck u Ubunto

    • shining newman

      There still exist bugs in Ubuntu just as there are bugs in Windows and Mac , but not all distros are as buggy as Ubuntu. Try the Ubuntu Studio or the newest released LXLE and I bet you my friend, you will change your outlook on Linux.

      • John Hard

        Only difference being that Windows and Macs don’t crash nearly as often. Infact, my Windows computer has only crashed maybe four times in it’s entire lifetime and my Mac laptop never crashed. My Ubuntu partition on the other hand is a completely different story. I don’t thing Ubuntu users have ever used Windows. They seem to only care about free software, failing to realise that paying for things have warranties and support.

      • accorn

        Honestly your being too nice responding like that to such entitled people. If they can’t spend a few minutes finding a good distro without whining I think they should go back to Microsoft and bend over.

        • shining newman

          That’s because somehow I understand these people.

          I used to screw up my Windows partition due to my lack of knowledge on the hardware partition preparation on the installation process.

          I also experienced a number of headaches in Ubuntu but with a little patience and research, I can’t be thankful enough for the superiority of Linux over Window$.

          Every computer user has it’s own choice.

          In WIndows : YOUR PC CONTROLS YOU

          In Linux : YOU CONTROL YOUR PC.

          • accorn

            I hear you :). I’m a linux developer and the rants just got to me. But a long time ago I struggled too to become comfortable with Linux so I guess I should be more understanding.

  • Nick Itoh

    My two cents. Out of curiosity I tried Ubuntu a while ago. I thought it was nce and light. But I could never make it cohabitate with my other computers. Now I wanted to setup a small computer, out of some old hardware for the office. Nothing fancy, just a simple machine o browse the web, send emails and be a print server for our three computers.

    I downloaded and installed Ubuntu 14 hoping it would be simple. Reality, this pure fucking garbage. Nothing works, starting with graphic board issues. Network of course doesn’t work. Impossible to even share a simple fucking folder. No need to add that sharing my fucking printer was out of the question. Oh I can see the Ubuntu machine on the network form other computers but of course I can’t connect to it. Then I did my homework, found out I need an app calle Samba (what a fucking stupid name to begin with). Installed that shit, of course no change at all. Trie the someting samaba manager app. Keeps crashing and the system kindly offers me to send my reports to the devs… Well you can all shove it up your sorry arses. Screw that shit, I’m gonna reinstall an old Windows Vista, at least I can do something as simple as sharing a fucking folder without wanting to kill myself. Fuck you Ubuntu!

    • shining newman

      For lightweight PCs, try the very lightweight distro called LXLE it comes with nice designs as well.
      but if you want lighter than it, try Lubuntu it’s very basic at first but you can also customize it. Good luck.

    • accorn

      You should try a light distro like Linux Lite or LXLE, or Kubuntu or Lubuntu.. all based on ubuntu but lighter on resources.
      I think Linux Lite is probably the most polished, but that is an opinion.

  • jq747

    I spent the past month wrestling with “Noobuntu” 14.04 in an attempt to setup a little offsite backup server (since Oracle/Sun boxes don’t have USB3, and don’t even get me started there). Yesterday I rebuilt the server thrice (that’s 3 times) in one day, after “abnormal shutdowns” caused the delicate little filesystem to crap itself, and preventing any kind of bootup or recovery. By “abnormal shutdown”, I mean Noobuntu froze after I demanded it perform a ludicrous task that the designers never envisaged, such as logging in a Guest, requiring a hard reset to recover from. (Shutdown from remote shell wouldn’t even work). And then after this hard reset, it wouldn’t boot.

    Like I said this happened 3 times after some trivial action. I mean for fuck sake, after a hard reset even Windows 98 would say “BEEP you didn’t shutdown properly, you moron, scanning hard drive now”. I have never in my 20 year IT experience seen an OS that would shit itself so utterly and consistently after a reset.

    I would *never* deploy Noobuntu in any kind production or enterprise environment. It’s that delicate. Ever heard of the TOP500 or any other big iron operation using it? Hell no, it’s either RHEL or SUSE or Debian. Seriously, Ubuntu is a princess.

    ps. Unity / Gnome 3.0 *sucks ass*.

  • blobbs

    Ubuntu MATE is the answer, just give it a try! (they brought back GNOME 2)

    Other ubuntu-like distros such as Lubuntu, Kubuntu, etc are just full of bugs from what i could see

  • Adi Wsp

    its working like a pig , crap with this shit @ linux :)) LOL @ linux

  • stray57

    I just thought I’d say that I’m now using the KDE desktop on my Ubuntu 14.04 and ok, it doesn’t know whether it’s Ubuntu or Kubuntu but it works great, and so does my old 32 bit mint server.. 🙂

    :~ > uptime
    15:25:41 up 114 days, 17:12, 2 users, load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.05

  • Martin

    Yeah, its shit. I tried for hours now to get this piece of shit to use english for the menus and system language.
    Only the keyboard seems to change.
    Great, if all help and tips how to stop this frigging Gnome shit from maximizing windows when you drag them is in english and bears no resemblence at all to what you see on your screen.
    Fuck this. No wonder windows / for all its faults/ is waz more successful than this useless shit.

  • Modulo m

    I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on an old Dell XPS m1210 laptop from about 2006. It runs ok. I installed the Nvidia drivers using PPA, it took awhile but it worked. Computer did something odd when I restarted but it booted up. Ubuntu is not as fast as Windows 7 on this computer but its better than Windows 8 (Win 8 really chugged). All that said I’m writing this post on a Mac… We’ll see how it goes, if I can SFTP to my web server or better yet, Git Hub, and install Sublime I might use Ubuntu now and then.

  • Ethan Yuki Wells

    I’m with Wine and Mono are pointless, they rarely work. CLI my ass, it has the hardest time compiling C# applications and I can update Mono all I want but the same error always happens: “Need to Install mono 2.8 to run .NET Framework Apps” I even tried to install the framework directly from Microsoft but it always closes when the installation starts.

    Fuck Ubuntu, Fuck Wine, and Fuck Mono,

  • Amen, brother. Hey Canonical, you wanna be like Microsoft, like Apple, don’t forget WE, the developers who personally contributed to the Awesome that is Linux, are not pleased. Why?
    Because we stand for something.

    Because the world needs to know… Because..TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More … Because .. A child’s exposure to technology should never be predicated on the ability to afford it. Because … Mom taught me to share… Because … We the People of the Open Source Community .. Because .. we love Freedom … Because .. Your OS is too restricting .. Because .. Viruses suck .. Because .. we release early and often . . .Because .. some of use aren’t motivated by greed .. Because … we believe we can do more and more, with less and less… because … it only takes a spark to get a fire going … Because … if I teach them to fish, they will eat for a lifetime… Because .. we are Open-minded .. Because … we can legally give our software away … because …we can impact more people’s lives .. Because … a caged bird doesn’t fly very far … Because … we have a voice … Because … I can pay it forward … Because patent trolls are ugly, foul creatures.

    …AND YOU ARE FUCKING IT ALL UP! Give us back our fucking OS!!

    • accorn

      You do realize that there are plenty of ubuntu derivatives like Linux Lite or LXLE or Xubuntu etc that probably work just the way you want it?
      Then there is always the source code.. which you are free to make your own distro that stands exactly for what YOU STAND FOR. That is the whole purpose of open source, that you don’t have to depend on an organization to do what you want.

      • I know, I was just heated at the moment. I do contribute to many distros, and will revise my comment. I appreciate the reply. I was a little embarrassed when I read my original post – don’t even remember making it.. Cheers.

      • Just wanted to let you know I altered my comment based on your message – 🙂

  • Kevin A. Havens

    I’m gonna have to agree with everyone here that Ubuntu sucks hard. I used (the operative term here is “used”–past tense) to support it big time. Evangelized a lot for it.

    But now… Ubuntu 14.04. It sucks huge. Wireless drivers… ha! Yeah, there is *some* support for them, but if something, anything, goes wrong… I would have to spend HOURS searching Google, only to break something else in the meanwhile.It should be a simple fix, but Ubuntu seems like it goes out of its way to break something else.

    In any matter, if I had a problem with Ubuntu, like when I done “sudo apt-get update” I’d spend like an eternity at “100% [Waiting for headers]” because APT is a failed piece of garbage that Fedora’s YUM has them beat.

    APT can only be told to download FROM ONE LOCATION ONLY. YUM, on the other hand, is smarter than that. If one location is being slower than Molasses in January, YUM would find another mirror.

    And the Ubuntu “community” has become filled with morons. Just take a look at the Ubuntu Forums. Users are like CLUELESS when it comes to simple things of where their FILES ARE LOCATED! They’re like “Where’s the C drive?” Idiots, there has been NO C DRIVE IN LINUX/UNIX SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE EPOCH!

    Ubuntu has become a LOT like Windows.

    I installed Fedora 21, yesterday. totally removing Ubuntu 14.04, and there has been no looking back.

    The people on the Fedora forums seem to be a lot more patient and problems get solved quicker.

    And to think… I used to be an “Ubuntu Bigot…” I’ve seen the light…

    And yes:


    • dashiky

      Don’t be mad just cause the masses have finally realised that linux is going to be better. M$ is on its way out on the desktop,free windows 10 says a lot on that front.

      For you I’m sure it didn’t help that ubuntu closed their store in the last quarter last year…which made things simple for someone like you i’m sure.

      • Anton Zuykov

        ” M$ is on its way out on the desktop”

        Have you seen statistics on OSs use (2015)?
        Linux is 1.5% only, while MS is 91.2%.

        And that is counting in all Fedoras, Red Hats and other stuff that most users of Linux will never use..

        No, Linux will not be a major platform for a simple reason – it is not user friendly. Yes, I personally love, yes, even Ubuntu – it least it eats much less resources then Win7 and works faster…But most of people will not like the way the support is done and they will stick with MS or Apple.

        Sorry, but every time when I see the way time is displayed in Ubuntu, I wanna poke that guy in the eye who thought that it is a good idea to group date numbers with HH:MM:SS so close to each other.

    • accorn

      If you can’t deal with a noob freindly distro then go to a more snoobish exlusive one like Slackware.
      Iv’e been around the block and can tell you from experience that just because you CAN recompile your own kernel from scratch doesn’t make it smart to do so.
      Sometimes I think noobs are smarter then the non noobs.

  • Jared Toomey

    I installed Ubuntu on the brand new computer that i built. Trying to do anything took 10 minutes of “Oh, i think i can do this”, 30 minutes of looking it up, 20 minutes of downloading various programs that claim they can do what i want, 10 minutes of figuring out how to USE the damn files i downloaded, 5 minutes of setup, 5 minutes of failing programs and frustration, infinite minutes of regret of installing ubuntu.

    H A T E

    • dashiky

      hire a developer….he’ll have it figured out in a less then a quarter of your time. Or you could support M$hit not that i have anything against their programmers. Just the company policys

    • shining newman

      Could have been a bad downloaded .iso my friend.
      I installed Linux on my laptop with only 12minutes everything complete.
      Try LXLE or Ubuntu Studio. One of the best I have used used far. Good luck.

  • Vlad Putin

    I installed ubuntu 14.04…….anfter updating and restarting it…it did not start up!!It failed

    What the fuck!!!

  • Kaippally

    The permission thing in linux can be disturbing to windows users. But its for our own good, something M$ users are unaware of.

  • Anže

    I agree mildly about “fucking Ubuntu” (because it is becomming increasingly “rogue” if you ask me)….luckily there are plenty of other distros….but while you’re at it fuck mono twice as hard and fuck all other stupid crap implemented with mono by Windows enthusiasts. If MS could produce server sofware that could deal with its stupid techs and be cheap with that, they wouldn’t try to port their stupid shit to Linux. But yea – they weren’t quite able to do that up till now – but their increasingly tight embrace of POSIX architecture might be the answer to that too. I hope it is and I hope stupid mono and mono-based progs gradually disappear from nix altogether as they are a fucking anomaly if you ask me.
    Your view is totally distorted – I mean who the fuck you think did the mono implementation on Linux? You…windows enthusiasts or true OSS-stack devs. Cmon man – I can do most things you can do with mono, without it. Because I’m not like you. I like to change myself (which is possible) and not the world around me (which is impossible and only makes you frustrated in the end). Mono devs tried to change the world around them instead of adapting to it. Because they’re to damn clever for their own good.
    Why the F… would someone want to implement badly specified MS standards (usually not by following them but by reverse engineering them since microsoft enviously and rigorously guards its shit and bars community away from it even if most new MS technology stems directly from OSS world). into a well specified system and require constant fucking work to keep up with MS quirks.
    Go fondle them inefficient and useless Windows if you love it so much! And dear windows developers – become OSS developers prior to moving to Linux – don’t bring your shit with you – I mean…isn’t the shitty state of MS tech. exactly the reason you’re trying to move to Linux????

  • Brian Donovan

    Fcking A. 10.04 was great. 14 is pure sht. I just want to run the fcking disk utility, and It says it’s there, but WHERE? fuck you poor tortured programmers, because you do this out of the goodness of your heart then totally fuck it up! Are they torturing you are work? what drives you to hate user so much?

    LTS is now LESS that microsht? are you fing kidding me?

    Long term should be a minimum of a decade. It really should be forever.

    • accorn

      If you need 10 year support then go with Centos since it is the stable long term distro.

      Next stop your whining.. do you have any idea how much work goes into supporting a modern distro (like ubuntu) with new software and modern kernels including all the bug testing to keep ubuntu running stable for 5 years?
      No because your likely not a contributor, just an entitled user.

      • Brian

        I have written OS’s, so I have a really good idea what goes into it and I hate to see all the great hard work wasted with foolish choices.

        Name the features we could not live without that were added since 10.04.

        OS should not change. They are supposed to be the operating system, like your steering wheel, break and gas pedal.

        Would you change those too?

        Again notice the attitude. Straight out of TRON. User are a problem, they whine, they complain. I really appreciate the work these volunteers have done, but the attitude is self defeating.

        • accorn

          Well, usually i’m very attitude free. I don’t believe Linux should be for just elite people like a lot of people do. But I am a volunteer developer and spend hours of personal time making sure new drivers work when a “user” tries to load ubuntu on a new motherboard or when support for old hardware is dropped. So it kinda is a bit rich to see people saying “F ubuntu” frankly since they are effectively saying F you to the work we do. But I guess I should read less or just see it as frustration which I can relate to:).

          • Brian

            First of all, that’s the tittle of the thread.

            That’s our experience when it doesn’t work. Pretty much everyone reacts that way. When your computer messes up and can takes days, months out of your life. You don’t swear when that happens? You don’t get angry?

            All of your great work is for naught if the OS is dumped and a new one created every 5 years. These are not simple systems to learn. I still find out new things about winxp. I have barely scratched the surface of Ubuntu 10.04LTS, and support is gone! No other version by the way even supports touch on my lenovo.

            New is not necessarily better. Different is usually bad, unless there’s a great reason for it.

            Unless it’s art, and not OS’s.

            What can the new os’s do that the old one did not?

          • Brian

            Specifically it is the 5 years LONG TERM SUPPORT. worse than Microsoft, which we all believed Ubuntu would not be like.

            Just changing the OS every 5 years, makes it useless for the average user. Bug fixes are one thing, but the whole thing has been rewritten and a new user interface too.

            What does win10 do that win7 doesn’t? really. What useful things?

            OS’s, are supposed to be the base software for all applications, instead they have become an app in themselves, and that’s terrible.
            Windows is now malware, adware. The Mac probably is too, I haven’t used one in a long time. People hate win10, android is now the largest installed base of OSs. Now is the time Ubuntu should have been ready, but they keep changing the os!

            10.04LTS was a good solid os, better than win10 or any MAC stuff I have seen, but it still needed filling out with apps, now that will never happen. The next OS will get a few apps, then also be changed out.

            Make ONE os, and never change the user and program view of that OS. Make sure everything runs that ever ran.

            I guess I’m idealist, but it’s all sand castle now. The new OS wave just washes generations of work away. Old programs won’t run, old data cannot be accessed. And why? we have TB of disk, it’s not a problem to store the necessary programs to support the old stuff, it’s just not a priority. I understand that for commercial ventures, they need to sell new.

            But Ubuntu should be, and was supposed to be different.

            I want Ubuntu to succeed, that’s why I am so upset.

          • accorn

            Based on the developer resources more than 5 years is just not possible right now for a distro like Ubuntu that supports modern as well as old hardware. Microsoft has a monopoly and they don’t have to work to produce and fix drivers because of that monopoly – since they can just demand that hardware companies make windows drivers. That is just the reality. However – with Linux there are endless choices. So, for example, if you want/need 10 year support you could load Centos with xfce, and then you will have a desktop that doesn’t change very much at all, but yet just keeps working.
            Personally I think ubuntu is the best path though since it provides more modern support as well as support for old hardware.

            Lastly you also have to understand the even if you hate the new ubuntu and unity – and think it’s too bloated and changing too fast (which I would agree with you on).. there are also plenty of side distros that depend on the core ubuntu driver system.
            So Linux Lite, which uses the more stable XFCE GUI, is able to adopt all the new ubuntu drivers and use the new ubuntu installers without reinventing the wheel.

            So try one of the of the side distros and you will likely like the result.

          • Brian

            You assume too much time and knowledge for users versus enthusiasts. I will never upgrade my Ubuntu system. I did once and it crashed it for good. I was years before I tried Ubuntu again.

            Side distros, means app don’t work.

            Having ONE os should be easier. Drivers should interface between new hardware and ALL programs that need it. It’s a problem with the vision of the leaders.
            Why are you in a hurry to introduce new OS’s?

            Driver are supposed to abstract the hardware. The OS is supposed to too.

            That was the goal of OS even in the 50’s.

          • accorn

            I am not in a hurry. I work on drivers old and new.
            So, if you load Linux Lite, or Lubuntu, or PCLinuxOS (a distro that never needs to be reinstalled in theory) and your touchpad or video card is working it is likely me you have to thank for it.

            The fractional nature of Linux is just the reality of open source.
            PCLinuxOS, for example, was born when Mandriva was about to die since its parent company failed. At the same time they also decided they wanted to be a rolling release distro (which never needs reinstalled)
            If Canonical dies tomorrow, Ubuntu would still survive under a new name with what remains of the developers.
            You can’t really throw out the bad without throwing out the good.
            There are tons of people still using os/2 but struggling to survive since the sourcecode is closed and hence they depend on the whim of IBM.

            Lastly I just don’t think you appreciate the work required to make hardware work when you don’t have a monopoly like microsoft. It is all volunteer effort.
            It would be much easier if we only officially supported 10 mortherboards, 2 printers and 3 video cards. But users demand more then that, and for the most part we have delivered.

            And while you might want to credit android to google – you have to realize that android would not exist at all without Linux since they just used the core and basically put a mobile gui on top of it. In the long run Linux and other ancient unix systems is the root of everything new in technology, yet the work is slow and very much under appreciated.

          • Brian

            Actually os/2 has very few users. win7 has the most around half. winxp has the second most at 12% USA 25% world.

            I do appreciate the work it takes and I hate to see it wasted.

            Thank you for working on the drivers, frankly, that’s the only work Ubuntu should need.

            This perversion of versions is what killed UNIX, Linux, and is what holds Ubuntu back.

            There should only be one.

            It is possible. It just has to be part of the spec. The drivers are all that should be needed for the specific hardware to run ANY “Universal Ubuntu” . Any “universal Ubuntu” should run any app that ran on any “Universal Ubuntu” .

            This was an early dream of the OS writers. It was abandoned when the CPU’s did not have enough power. Those z80’s just couldn’t do it. That’s not a problem anymore.

          • accorn

            Yeah I think computers should be built more like the original Ford model T. You have a core system that can be upgraded but not abandoned which would make it much simpler to build a stable OS. And I agree with you that software should just continue to work and not get in the way of users and not change every 6 months just to reinvent the wheel. Gnome/Unity have been disasters. XFCE is much closer to what should still be on the user interface.

          • Brian

            Thank you for your work on drivers, as you can see, I value them above new OS versions. I hope leaders of the Ubuntu system catch on.

            Fortunately for software, the Model T isn’t physical.

          • Brian

            BTW will the drivers you are working on, work for 10.04LTS? I am guessing no.

          • accorn

            Unfortunately no. They can often be installed unofficially and sometimes people setup third party repos with newer drivers but it is risky since they are not well tested with the EOL versions.

            I assume you might know this but you can still use the old repos to install the last supported/tested versions of all software available for 10.4. This page tells you how it is done (but just use the path for 10.4):


  • John

    Ubuntu is perfect for fedora wearing huge people who live in their parents basement, but for the regular user who just want a goddamn pc to work properly, the answer is a big fucking NO.

  • Njordr

    I haven’t been able to install Ubuntu on a system for three years. Only time I was ever able to get it to work was on a LiveUSB, for about 5 minutes.

    First time I tried actually installing Ubuntu was 12.04 LTS. It bugged out and bricked my hard drive while formatting. Got a new one, remade the install DVD and then it would install but lock up at a pruple screen upon booting. Kept trying over and over again for a couple days and then went back to Windows Vista.

    Second time was with 13.04 LTS, installed it alongside Windows but on it’s own hard drive. Grub wouldn’t work, kept booting to a grub rescue> prompt. Couldn’t even get into the BIOS to boot from recovery disk. Effectively bricked the hard drive until I got a second one, installed Windows to it, then used an external SATA-to-USB to hook it up and format it.

    Third try was earlier today with 14.04 LTS. Got it to install, but for some reason Grub had no text, booting had no text, the login screen never showed up, and none of the terminals (ctrl+alt+F1, etc.) had text. Everything was black screen. Used a Live USB to reinstall, managed to get one of the terminals to display text (with the ultimate technique of rapidly jumping between terminals) and updated, installed drivers, etc. Rebooted, now it freezes at the Grub prompt.

    For fucking fuck’s sake.

    • Onaj Tamo

      do you have secure boot?Or UEFI?

  • Miakoda Combies

    Ubuntu Gnome. I fucking hate Unity with a fiery passion

    • meshak bethal

      Fuuuuu…………….I don’t. Why do you.

  • Branko Dodig

    Linux is okay for academia, toying with things, or organizations where you have dedicated support personnel. However for a normal user I would never recommend it, because Linux developers have not learned and will not learn basic lessons.

    (1) Command line installation and configuration of software should have died two decades ago.
    (2) Software should simply work after the installation program finishes. It should not work after installation + hours of googling.

    In the world of business, time is money. Time spent fiddling with the OS is time spent not working, and time spent not working costs a whole lot – making windows a rather cheap option very often.

    Frankly the only linux distribution I actually rather liked was paid SuSE distribution since they made some effort on the usability front.

    • gaowj1p9zxara82v8ipt


    • Arunav Sanyal

      Sorry bro. But pretty much every one in the valley uses a nix derivative for software dev/testing etc.

  • roo zoo

    I come here just to say

    • meshak bethal

      And fack valve. And fack Roblox

  • meshak bethal

    I came here to say. FUCK THE WINDOWS DEVELOPERS AND FUCKING VALVE, FUCKING ROBLOX CORPORATION AND ALL FUCKING DEVELOPERS WHO MAKE STUFF WINDOWS ONLY! OR WINDOWS AND MAC ONLY! And you think I’m an idiot? Hm? Excuse me? Am i an idiot or not? You said ‘ only idiots will end using it’. I USE Ubuntu 14.04 and i am not a dumb shit person! So angry now. People who critisice Linux do not make me happy. >:(

    • PowerB

      valve and steam support linux use…

      • meshak bethal

        SOurce filmmaker did you forget it?

      • meshak bethal

        Oh oh, steam at least works with wine

      • pcpcpc12


  • Aaaaaaaaaaangry

    Gonna join You!! FUCK YOU UBUNTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For broke: WI-FI, bluetooth, graphic card drivers, SHUT-DOWN that logouts user instead of shutdown PC, random logouts, system freezes, for all of Your hard work to make this system suck so much!!!
    PS: Wasn’t able to send this because FUCKING UBUNTU DISCONNECTED ME WITH MY ROUTER!!! FU UBUNTU!!!!!

  • ViVidd

    Ubuntu sucks. Yes, it’s free. But why try so hard to look stupid and unique! They are trying to be windows look alike but things are stupid as heck. Everything needs hours of googling and frustration. It is never going to be popular. The comunity sucks as hell. Experts answer to noob questions sound like “fuck!why don’t you know that yet? this is simple as fuck!” and noob people become even more hopeless. Regional communities are worse. It’s fine if you are going to run a server or in a business where you need linux. But, manual editing of everything and hours of chores are never going to be popular to 99% users.

    • Jeff Benton

      THIS!!! ^^^

  • Steve Cook

    You just need to install Ubuntu Mate.

    It’s the dog’s bollocks….:)

    • shining newman

      Yes, for those inexperienced in Linux, better try Mate Version, I myself had troubles with Ubuntu Unity as well.

  • pip010

    really mate, go FUCK u-self.
    and SCREENSAVERS?????
    what are u, 7 years old?
    go back to winXP

    • And apparently, you’re 5, based on your linguistic abilities…

  • Jimmy Manley

    It’s true, people that know nothing about computers will have a hard time using Ubuntu, and if they don’t even have the inclination to learn then they should definitely not use Ubuntu or any other distro. Stick to WIndows please and stop making hateful speech on this great gift to the open source community and to pretty much everyone else.

    • Well, you’re just agreeing with me then: Ubuntu is a mess and not ready for the masses (as Canonical has been marketing their OS).

      Besides, I’m not criticizing the OS itself, just the direction Canonical is taking with it – most of the people that have had negative comments about Ubuntu will agree that it is a shame because it used to be a great OS with a very bright future.
      …not anymore…

    • John Key

      If some of you experience sound goes off after 10 minutes, here you’ve got the solution in the following link:

    • Sham Bolic

      Sadly that’s the attitude that keeps Linux from actually being something. The hints of elitist “Well, keep your imbecilc hands off our precious superiority, we don’t need you”, whilst then bitching about M$, and sneering at the idiot sheeple.

      The thing is, I’ve tried moving to Mint the last few days. And fell at the first hurdle – Wifi drivers. I don’t give a fuck if Ubuntu can’t check the “quality” of a Broadcom driver, not installing it, and hiding where I might be able to enable it is pretty user un-fucking-friendly. Many people would have given up before reaching that point. Oh, but then I have my main pc online (with dependable Win7) so can search for answers. I download the driver from Broadcom, and get a lot of files Mint doesn’t seem to want to do anything with. OK, off to the forums. Ah, so I should plug the laptop into a physical connection. Right, time to find a cable, and get to the router. OK, next? Oh, command line. OK, erm.. What?

      Seriously, if it takes command line bollocks to install a fucking driver as used in millions of machines, then there’s something wrong. Microsoft have dreadful corporate policies, and often dreadful software. But they also have driver packages that can install with a couple of clicks. They have a nifty little manager of devices, where you can automatically or manually point the OS to the drivers needed. Shit installs and works, and hardly ever needs a dos box up to do it.

      To equate Linux to cars – Just because I *can* rebuild an engine, doesn’t mean I want to just so I can turn the fucking stereo on.

      (Oh, and I forgot, the same distro worked but had random lag after making it use its own wifi driver, then second time of installing and trying on the same system refuses to activate the driver. Another distro just didn’t even bother trying to list the wifi card, never mind offer to graciously use it. Fuck this shit)

    • …………

      Here is short version of what I want to say:

      Man, are you kidding with us?
      I’m using windows for many yeears and I’ve big knowedge about command, fixing bugs .

      I do not agree with you that Linux/Ubuntu is better than Windows – it’s garbage.

      I’d installed it yestarday and I’m not glad – How the fuck people can learn it’s commands when the official site is ugly?~!

      Every OS must have good navigation and graphic.

      And I don’t care if it’s free – Windows also is free, even if you don’t paid for licence. (much ways to use trial for years)

    • bill simmons

      thank you.

    • accorn

      The problem is really the entitlement of these people that expect Linux to work flawlessly against a commercial monopoly like Microsoft – when all the drivers are defecto made by hardware companies for microsoft since they have no choice not to, whereas with Linux the whole system has been built by volunteer developers.
      Linux gives you a 95% working desktop with most distros today (thanks to the hard work of volunteers).. whereas 10 years ago it was more like 50% working and 50% you had to figure out the rest yourself.
      Stop bitching people!

  • Mike_Houlden

    well i am on ubuntu 14.04 and am doing nicely with it.I hate screensavers so it works ok for me.I have been on the ubuntu bandwagaon since version 7.04. I agree it isn’t Window$ but what do you expect for free?

  • Highness

    YES, Ubuntu does suck {every version I have tried}, as does Microcrap. But, what makes Ubuntu suck bad is the like of any knowledgeable help. The dumb-asses at Ask Ubuntu Do not give any actual help/advice that actually works. Must go to other Linux support sites, or blogs, for real help to the many flawed design and compilable software issues with this crap OS. Think I will try Arch-linux.

    • accorn

      HAHAHA if you cant handle ubuntu you really can’t handle Arch. :).. Maybe you should try slackware next since that will totally leave you with a broken system the first time you try to update.

  • Alejandro Yui Rangsi

    Well i ended up here for a diferent reason. so i post in a help me way. yesterday i confirmed for sure after 8 years that every fucking time i install ubuntu my hard drives gets a click of dead.

    i was skeptic about it all of this time, 3 years before yesterday.but yesterday i gave ubuntu a try (again) in a laptop (brand new) i installed it. used it for the night everythign ok. till this morning (click of dead)

    before this.i tried 7 times in diferent situations. Windows-ubuntu. removing one OS and keeping the other, versions from 10 to 15 .etc,etc. some of the clicks of dead where just beacuse of a grub file missing ,some other never knew why.

    How do i know those 7 times, are 7 Times!!,because i have 7 hard drives dead in a shoe box. every single of them was a ubuntu installation. (and that is somethign i remember and 100% sure about it.

    i had being searching for long time for an answer, with no luck. so if any one have a clue or any info please share.for me ,for now.. installing ubuntu is a click of dead and for so a dead hard drive for sure.

    • andy

      Download Windows 10 and you cannot go wrong , stick with windows .

  • Atze

    I used windows for all my life, i think its maybe not that fast, BUT ITS FUCKING USERFRIENDLY! Some weeks before my pc crashed and i had to start using the laptop of my girlfriend on which ubuntu is installed. She is no computer freak neither and only got this system from her brother who told her that its a good system…(let me tell you too: he nearly made it to harvard, surprise motherfucker). So since weaks i try to install the littlest fucks like the simple ubuntu software center, which doesnt work, because i cant load a shit. then i tried to install a little game, at the end i made i working with wine, but the system totalled laggs then, so it gets impossible to play.

    • atm067

      And after all this, you can go and eat your banana on your tree while smelling your shit….

      • andy

        shut up nerd and make love to your ubuntu crap software .

    • accorn

      blah blah blah says the noob. Get some clue.

    • shining newman

      You can hire an expert technician to visit your PC and Install dual boot on it Windows and LInux Mint Rosa 17.3 XFCE

  • Anna

    Wasting hours trying to make my scanner work and it still can’t be detected. Ubuntu, you bitch

    • shining newman

      HP and EPSON printer are most compatible with Linux. I never had problems printing wirelessly using Ubuntu Studio or Ubuntu LXLE.

    • accorn

      Get a brother printer/scanner.. they make simple drivers that work with any ubuntu or redhat based distro. Printer companies (other then brother) rarely ever produce anything but windows drivers.. and hence only volunteer efforts means other printer drivers for other printers. Not a fault of Linux but greedy hardware companies.

      • shining newman

        Right! Same is true with graphics such as Envy-dia however INSTALLING BUMBLEBEE now enables the Envy-dia accelaration. Good news for the heavy graphics users ang gamers.

      • Anna

        u were right. i love linux again. sr ubuntu 😀

  • andy

    I had one month of work so i thought i would give Ubuntu a go,after two days fuck that it was a shock ,been using windows last 30 years .So i thought im not giving up ,downloaded Linux mint 17.2 cinnamon . 3 weeks i kept it ,just to get the screen lights working sudo get-apt etc entering in that little fuck of a prehistoric hardware black box . This is just to get a brightness for the screen . What the fuck .i did get my head around some of it but until they make it user friendly it will never catch on with the masses . Why not make a linux that is easy to use , that is what we want in this day of age not going back to class and work on a OS that is so far behind the times with nerds that want it as there small little club . im back to windows 7 and happy,will try linux again when they make it user friendly.

    • Chucky

      The Linux gang are as creepy as the Apple gang, but without half of the functionality.

      • accorn

        LOL comparing the Linux crowd to Apple noobs is a joke. We have a clue.

      • JL Griffin

        thats funny becasue Apple’s OSX is based on linux lmfao

    • shining newman

      you’ll be more happy with Ubuntu Studio, or the LXLE my friend. Give it a try.

      • andy

        ok i will give it a go.

      • andy

        Update , nope i do not like it , Windows 10 for me .

    • accorn

      You don’t really get it. Driver development takes hard WORK and resources and time for open source communities of volunteers. Whereas Microsoft had an original commercial monopoly and was able to strong arm hardware producers to make their own software drivers.
      Linux is 1000% better then it was 10 years ago.. but instead of getting behind the good work they are doing to create a truly FREE and OPEN system for you, you want to complain since it requires some effort. Not all Ubuntu distros are the same. Xubuntu does not load my ATI video drivers correctly out of the box but Linux Light works flawlessly on my system. If one distro doesn’t work right.. try another.
      And if your not willing to put 1% work in, then go back to your windows commercial walled garden and don’t complain when Microsoft charges you too much, removes your freedom and violates your privacy since you wanted it.

      • andy

        I will not be going over to windows 10 and i do hope there is a good operating system that comes out from Linux , but no there are to many to choose from and they are all over the place.Sudo get this Sudo get that Sudo sucks i am afraid.

        • shining newman

          You dont even have to worry about SUDO. Terminal is just one way to manipulate your computer.

          For installation there is GDEBI, SYNAPIC and SOFTWARE MANAGER.

          Try Linux mint 17.03 rosa

        • JL Griffin

          try Zorin OS. its designed to present the simplicity windows users are familiar with but it 100% linux at the core

      • shining newman

        You’re right.
        Linux Lovers have another mountain to climb, that is the implementation of the UEFI that causes Linux distro unable to be installed on Windows 8 or newer machines. However Linux will always find a solution for this. I’ve heard the there are now UEFI compatible distros. “I LOVE WINDOWS REALLY!!” ….. 10 years AGO.

        • JL Griffin

          Not true. Microsoft contributed huge code to GRUB and the same grub your know and love is the magic key behind the windows 8+ UEFI systems. What you need ot do is get onto your favorite distro about implementing UEFI enabled grub into their OS on the next version. Debian and, RH kernels already have it implemented (as does ubuntu) it now on the children distros to merge that change into their own code.

  • Kaan Özgül

    I am re-installing ubuntu everyday because of the errors i am getting from installing programs or UPDATİNG THE FUCKİNG SYSTEM. Really waste of time.

    • shining newman

      Try Linux Mint my Friend.
      LInux Rosa 17.3 and go the the XFCE design.
      You will love it for sure. Or try LXLE Desktop your pc is more than 5 years.

      • Kaan Özgül

        i went to Manjaro after that and i really liked it. Thanks for the recommend i will check the Mint.

    • JL Griffin

      then you are clearly doing something wrong. ive been using this install of ubuntu for a year, my laptops are both 2-3 years old and i update constantly.

  • Marko

    Im sad writting this few words. Ive switched from Windows to Ubuntu with 6.04 or 6.10. After all this years I had a hope that someday Ubuntu will be a real working, stable and easy alternative to Windows. But in reality it becomes a very big problem and sometimes user unfriendly (especially for newcomers) with ugly interface. Im tired of resolving problems with Nvidia, continuous kernel updates, unity crashes, plugin problems, driver problems, samba sharing and printing problems.... . After all years Ive switched to Debian, because I want a very stable and working distribution without kernel updates, crashes,…. .

    I have one question for all Linux developers. Why we have so much linux distributions…. Is it possible reduce a number of Linux distributions and spent all your free time focusing on developing a better software that will really work on Linux? It is possible developing one click install plugins (netflix, flash, codecs, msfonts,….) that will work after few clicks and make transition from Windows word to Linux easier? It is possible create a more beautiful Linux distribution with nice icons, themes, fonts, wallpapers,… included in default version?

    • Chucky

      Just go to Windows 10, it cannot be beaten.

      • sybordinate

        Im concerned about the supposedly spying aspect of w10.

        • shining newman

          ABSOLUTELY (let’s review EULA)

          Section 7b – or “Updates to the Services or Software, and Changes to These Terms” – of Microsoft’s Services EULA stipulates that it “may automatically check your version of the software and download software update or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the Services, playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorised hardware peripheral devices.”

          The list of services covered by the agreement doesn’t explicitly include Windows 10. However, it does include your Microsoft account, which is an extensive part of the Windows 10 experience, as well as core features like Cortana – and that implies Redmond can disable any games you’ve pirated or devices you’ve “unlawfully” hacked. Enable Cortana (which pretty-much everyone using Windows 10 is going to do) and you’re subject to the Services agreement.

          MS also shares users info to its clients and vice versa.

          AMAZING… ISN’T IT?


        • shining newman

          Very true,
          Privacy invasion is the thing my friend.
          Good news, read windows EULA word for word.

    • accorn

      It is just the nature of open source that we will have endless distros.. since developers naturally see things different and then take their work in the direction they think is best. That is what open sourcecode allows them to do, whereas with windows your stuck in the microsoft walled garden with no choices but the ones they have decided for you.

  • Vyacheslav

    I use computers all my life and I’m struggling to force my mic to work with Ubuntu. Cmon guys!! I have to dance like a shaman to make my mic work!

    • shining newman

      Try Ubuntu Studio or LXLE my friend.

    • accorn

      Just post your mic problem on a ubuntu support forum and someone will help you. Whining here is not going to help.

      • Vyacheslav

        Thank you for your reply, accorn. It is very valuable in spite of your attempt to humiliate me in some way.

        What I meant with my reply is that I have to contact support in trivial things like sound, video or mic problems. It might be tempting for you to say, that it’s an easy task and I am exaggerate things. But you don’t take into account, that majority of people don’t have time and desire to face issues like this in their daily activity. They are not technical specialists in first place. They are focused on getting things done in second place. What really matters to them are things like their job or hobby.

        The main aim for an operating system is to provide this king of functionality to “casual” users. Ubuntu claims to be OS like this but obviously fail to accomplish this claim.

        And as long as users have to contact support just to fix their micro they will be avoiding Ubuntu as their main operating system.

    • JL Griffin

      does the dancing help your singing? 😛

  • Chucky

    Nothing is more hilarious than when a bunch of haters cannot do half of what the people they hate can do.

    • andy

      Yes people can do , but the system of linux Ubuntu is for people who do not have a working life like real people in this world , yes if i was past my working years i would use as i do not give up on anything and i do not have a life anywhere else , thank you Chucky

      • accorn

        Funny.. I work on my linux desktop all the time.. probably more than you since you probably have to spend all that time cleaning up the windows spyware :)..

        • andy

          I could not care if you are on a computer more than me and i do not have a spyware problem and i am happy you like Linux but i do not, end off .

          • accorn

            No worries it’s all good. At one point I wavered between windows and linux too. But now i’m comfortable with it. Keep trying and you might eventually like it too 🙂 or maybe not.

      • JL Griffin

        interesting perspective. my PC at my office is ubuntu, my PC in my home office is ubuntu, my laptops are all ubuntu for both my companies, and i use these computers to make my living, all day, every day.

  • Marian

    Tottaly stupid… sorry, I don’t like Microsoft agreenment, but Ubuntu is ugly and with bad interface.

    I can’t undestand what is so ‘cool’ to use this shit.

    Design, easy for finding options and settings – this is not definitely Ubuntu.

    I used Windows 7 for +6 years and I can fix any problem for short time.

    No description for the stupid terminal commands, no good background, no good cursor and NOTHING USEFUL.

    Who created this bullshit?!
    It’s tottaly bad and newbies can’t get no idea how to fix errors on it.

    Maybe better way for me is to create own OS and to not be dependent from stupid agreenments 🙂

  • Marian

    OK I don’t like it at this point, just installed wubi and received error ‘can not read mount /proc ‘ (something as this) and can’t fix it.

    I will try to get some info, cuz it’s big mistake…

    • JL Griffin

      wubi has been broken for ages sadly (as far back as 12.10 if i remember correctly) its best to just boot into the live system if you are looking to try it out

  • …………

    I give up, Ubuntu is the most stupid OS and it’s completely useless…

    Can you tell me just what I win from using Ubuntu, what is the difference between Ubuntu and Windows?

    I can run many programs on my Windows and I can fix all problems on it.
    On Ubuntu everything is ugly (except the search background) and there are not options for navigating so easy.

    Icons – terrible
    Colors – terrible
    Programming = it’s the same thang as running Windows
    Games – I don’t think it will run serious games

    Support – terrible
    Site for downloading and looking for solutions on Ubuntu – tottaly hard for read.

    No reason to move on Ubuntu, it’s fucking bad….

    • accorn

      Yes I can give you a reason: No spyware, key-loggers or viruses which is the natural end result of any windows install over 30 days.

      The fonts are different then windows.. They are actually better your just used to looking at windows distorted fonts and if you give it time your eyes will start seeing right again. Lastly… Games? Get an Xbox – computers are no longer for serious gaming anyway unless you want to spend $500 every year to upgrade your video card.

    • shining newman

      You still can run Windows programs on Linux by using WINE Application. or your might want to try Installing Windows OS under a virtual machine in Linux

      Ubuntu is a really a stumbling block for experienced windows user with zero knowledge on Linux. Linux Mint the will be the better choice instead of Ubuntu.

      Icons can always be customized

      For Games – There is always POL or Play On Linux to get into your favorite games.

      Support – There is always a community that shares information on problems and issues.

      How long have you been using Windows?
      How much time have you invested try LINUX?

  • bill simmons

    To all you who say they hate Ubuntu. the only reason you hate Ubuntu is because you come from a windows world where everything works out of the box. if your not willing to put a little effort into learning about your new system the stay in your windows world. Don’t bash a program or OS that you know nothing about.

    • andy

      If you have to much time on your hands , choose Linux.

      • accorn

        And yet my last linux desktop install was 5 years ago and it is still chugging along just fine.
        I’ve been doing plenty of work, writing emails, selling products etc.

    • Nicholas Gad

      If you want something that WORKS get Windows, if not get Linux. WTF Bill?

      • bill simmons

        something that works. windows for me hasnt worked since windows XP. and as for not working i wrote this from a linux PC.

      • bill simmons

        i used to think that apple people were bad about the superiority of macs. that may be true but windows people have been going down that same road.

      • accorn

        Linux works if you have a clue :)..

    • Coming from Arch Linux / Manjaro Linux, i hate Ubuntu too. Sure it’s nice to have an easy distribution for the normal user. Ubuntu did much to improve the image of Linux. But there are always weird things happening, if i try use it…

    • I tried Ubuntu and Fedora side by side back when they were at Ubuntu 8.04 and Fedora 10. Each release of both, I’ve always liked Fedora better. Ubuntu is complete shit.

  • Nicholas Gad

    Congratulations to those who have installed Ubuntu, you deserve a medal. I can’t even get it to do that. Most help advice you get is “Your CD/DVD must be corrupt”… F*** OFF! What all 4 CDs, and a DVD, all burnt at 4x??? It is the elitist Linux-fags that are the biggest impediments to the development of Linux to an actually useable OS!

    • shining newman

      Nowadays installing Ubuntu has been easier than before.
      1. Buy a 4G USB (minimum) flashdrive
      2. Download .iso (Linux distribution) preferably suggest Ubuntu Studio, LXLE or Lubuntu for old pc, Mint.
      2. Download YUMI multiboot installer
      3. Render the dowload .iso file using YUMI into your USB
      4. Backup your files
      5. Shutdown your PC
      6. Change PC’s CMOS setting to boot to USB first.
      7. Follow the steps. next next next until the steps lead you to the restart button.
      8. Go on line and google : 10 things to do after installing “type here your Linux distribution”

      • sybordinate

        Its easy to install, but try to change the boot partition size. W/in a month it will be full with the default size. When I tried setting the partion sizes, it F’d up big time. Sure I’m inexperienced, but there install package sux. This is for 14.04…

        • JL Griffin

          tell it to use the entire disk. why would you set a small partition size int he first place. your own inexperience screwed you up as resizing (even a windows partition) will likely screw things up thanks to the process of disk fragmentation.

      • JonnyNonsuch

        Same thing for WIndows 10:
        1. download Windows 10 .iso file
        2. burn to flash drive using Windows USB Download tool
        3. boot from USB
        4. If your PC is six years old or less … reboot, type in “Privacy settings” , disable everything, and boom … ready to roll.

  • bill simmons

    Letrs face it only someone who has nothing better to do than to complain about something they only tried to do once are the ones who write these complaining bitchy blogs

  • Conrad

    I just try Ubuntu few minutes ago
    I’m not going to write down a novel
    but I’m going to say that Ubuntu in not linux anymore
    I hate pre installed apps that I never going to use anyway
    especially the one I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT
    what happen to Linux free as freedom eh Ubuntu???

    so I’m join you

    Fuck you Ubuntu..!!!!

    • Free as freedom… hmmm. Have you checked out Fedora?

  • Sid

    Just to let you know from the beginning I’m what you would calI a want-to-be-geek. I started using Ubuntu when it first came out
    4.10 (warty warthog). It wasn’t bad. I was able to manover and figure things out. I was new to Linux, hated windows and wanted to try something better. I quickly moved to 5.04LTS (Hoary Hedgehog). LTS (long term status). In fact I’m still running my database on 5.04… can’t update any more which means that it is obsolete. The developers call it EOL(end of life) which I think is a bad idea for all OS’s but at least it is still useful for my needs. June of 2006, new computer new OS 6.06LTS (dapper Drake), clean, crisp, fast and becoming much easer to work with. Had a few issues but Ubuntu was heading in the right direction. Skipped 7.04 & 7.10. I liked the LTS’s. They are much more stable. Went straight to 8.04LTS (Hardy Heron) which in my honest opinion was the last good OS Ubuntu came out with. 10.04, 12.04 and 14.04 all LTS’s are all suppose to be some what stable but I’ve had problems with every single one of them, more than I ever had with 8.04 which is still being used today because it was stable and reliable. So when I can’t play around with the so-called upgrades, I would go back to 8.04. But, of course there are no more updates for 8.04. It has been put on the EOL list. Sure the newer OS’s in Ubuntu seem to be a lot more crisp, a lot faster. Of course the computers are getting faster too. Just seems that there are more bugs to fix and more crashes. You have to spend more time fixing bugs and that is fine and dandy if you can take the time and have the knowledge to fix them. For all you folks that say if you want click and go, go back to Window$. Look up why the word “Ubuntu”. The name was chosen for this operating system because the the developers wanted to bring usability to the Computer world for everybody and look were it is today. It is totally turned around. Granted it is still free, at least most of it is free. So now if you’re not savy enough or if you don’t have the time to fix bugs you are basically installing an OS to serf the web and check your email, maybe write a few rants. For me for now I also say FUCK UBUNTU though it hurts to say it. But in their defence I would like to say FUCK the DMCA which in part is why all alternitive OS’s other than window$ has to separate their packages from their OS’s.

    • andy

      Totally agree with you .

    • Jesus Alapenjo

      ur kidding right? this sounds like sarcasm

    • accorn

      If you want stability you should be using LTS distros. And saying fuck ubuntu is just whiny, entitled and lame.

  • Fedora is the best Linux distribution out there. It’s versatile. It’s free. It works. It’s compatible with everything. It can upgrade itself with ease (I’ve completely upgraded from Fedora 15 up to Fedora 22, upgrading to each release in between along the way). I can do anything on it. Ubuntu on the other hand won’t even install sometimes. And don’t even get me started with Debian…

    • Ano

      bahaha. I would love to see you pitch bleeding fedora for use in a production environment over Debian. never ganna happen

      • accorn

        Centos or Redhat would be a way better choice for a “production” environment then Debian anyday.

        • Ano

          Agreed, my go to distros are Debian and centos for prod. If they have the money then rhel license. Most these noobs are really saying unity sucks because they are looking at the gui, not looking at it as a whole. I bet if u asked some of them what Linux is they would say “yea I know like Ubuntu”. You could give them a Debian based distro using Hurd kernel and they wouldn’t know the difference.

          So the solution use xfce4 ; )

          • accorn

            Yeah I understand the frustration with the bloat of unity – it’s not my style either. They should just try one of the lighter ldxe or xfce based systems and they will be happy.

          • JL Griffin

            personally im a HUGE openbox fan. i love beautiful interfaces but at the end of the say simplicity is what has kept me centered, and i can idle my system on 1% processor usage, and idle the system just under a gig of ram leaving my other 99% of processing power and 63 gigs free for just about anything i want lol.

        • JL Griffin

          im not sure id go that far. i tend to have a lot more issues with software compatibility in RH Children than Debian children. Debian has the advantage of having Ubuntu as its child and Ubuntu has the largest number of developers in the linux community (thanks largely to how many children it has and how many children its children have.) so one thing i have to say for debian is that the software available for it is far more extensive than whats available for really any other branch. Now Debian VS Cent for say enterprise/Server, that s a pretty even match but on the desktop end, i pick debian any day


    Brilliant rant. This be warning to all OS vendors period

    • accorn

      Brilliant? It is whiny and entitled. Nothing smart about it.


    BTW I personally hate Ubuntu because I grew up on Debian and that’s my bread and butter so when I look at Ubuntu I see a fat over weight spoilt kid trying to pretend he is cool but can’t because he hate all of McDonalds in the morning and its dribbling down his face…the fat shit.

    Right now just dead a headless install of Debian rocked my own desktop, fuck you Canonical!

    • accorn

      LOL if you think being on Debian makes you kewl you need to move to slackware where the real action is.

      • Ano

        Haven’t we spent enough time compiling ; ). Damn and it’s been what 2-3 years since a release. If I didn’t know any better i’d say Slackware’s been buried.

        • accorn

          Yeah it is very slow moving distro. A lot of compiling and updating takes a lot of time. I wouldn’t really recommend it for a day to day distro honestly but its a good place to learn how to break and then fix things if you have the time :).

          • JL Griffin

            to be honest though it is one of the least bastardized grandparents. of the 3 Major grandparents, red hat and ESPECIALLY debian have been extremely watered down by knockoff children, and spinoff who have children and grandchildren. Slackware has been the slow mover with only a handful of really solid children (cough cough Suse), and i almost feel like its snail’s pace progress has somewhat contributed to its stability. things are heavily tested and patched and fixed between releases, tons of contributions brought forth by its children get their extensive testing done on the child distros keeping pure slack free of the bugginess and the unfortunate compatibility problems that come from implementing new things half cocked (cough cough Ubuntu)

      • VURSO

        I am old school dude why I stick to Debian for me it’s what I earned my money on especially on the embedded hardware but I will certainly take a look at Slackware next.

  • abc

    Stop!!!!!!!! JUST STOP CREATING MORE UBUNTU!! The previous versions are in pieces and you do nothing about this!! :/

    • JL Griffin

      i agree. every version comes out half baked thanks to the impossibly tight development/release schedule… its extremely annoying

  • Davy

    I have to support several versions of Ubuntu in a server farm, so I’ve done some serious hacking on it to make it behave. There are so many things wrong with every version of Ubuntu I’ve encountered that it simply boggles. When I get truly fed up I go to Google and ask it questions like “Why isn’t it legal to kill everyone who works for Canonical Software?” and “How many times should I hit a developer in the head with a baseball bat when he insists on using Ubuntu?” etc.


    • accorn

      Why would anyone use Ubuntu for servers? That is mind spinning right there. Try a server distro.

      • JL Griffin

        Ubuntu is one of the few main branches that has a dedicated server edition. GUI free and designed for servers from the ground up. its actually a great server distro… until you hit planned obsolescence after 6 short months and no more repos for you. its friggin annoying…

    • shining newman

      Ubuntu MATE or Ubuntu XFCE is a better recommendation for the less experienced Linux Users.

      I myself have gone tired of Ubuntu due to the UNITY panel which gives me a headache so I prefer Ubuntu MATE or XFCE.

    • shining newman

      Is it sensible to say that at 10 was the start of Canonical business?
      You might want listen to Richard Stallman’s view about canonical and ubuntu
      that’s why in there are not many distributions that can really
      be called FREE. ONLY 9 distros are endoresed/recommended by GNU as total
      FREE software such as BLAG, DRAGORA, DYNEBLIC, GUIXSD (geeks),
      gNewSense, Musix, Parabola, Trisquel, & Ututo XS.

      I don’t want to think that my Favorite LINUX MINT, OPenSuse and LXLE contain
      “blob”. That’s the main reason my great grandfathers lived a better more
      private life than us today. Thanks to Charles Babbage. haha.

    • JL Griffin

      the thing that frustrates me the most about ubuntu is the release pattern. every version comes out half baked. uh oh no more time to fix those bugs? oh well just ship and fix it int he next release. and the 6 month planned obsolescence? how do they expect server admins to pull that one off. additionally their LTS releases are a complete joke, while the repos stay active, within 1 year no one is developing the newest versions of their software for the LTS release anymore. new libraries exist that they are using that arent available in the LTS so we ignore it. the important security patches often cant be applied, and if you arent ready to full scale upgrade, you have to mix repos or install folders full of debs to get something working or updated… its awful. started using the net install of debian and installing only a minimal package set to run servers gui-free instead.

    • bill_v523

      its’ biggest flaw is that it tries to mimick Windows, and Windows tries to mimick Ubuntu, other than that, people actually complaining about free open source (you know? fix it your fucking self dumbass and learn to be responsible, even to think for yourself and help others instead of a quibbling dependent MS/OS pea-brain) software are really pitiful souls. Just think of how much they could have already learned and been useful in the time it takes them to barf here.

  • Jeff Benton

    I am SOOO Happy that I looked up which Linux OS was easy on Beginners…. I’ve never used Linux before…

    Switched to Ubuntu from Windows after problems with Windows 10… My God… This is a nightmare… Why am I not the Owner? forums told me to edit a file from root… Spent 2 days just trying to figure out how to open files… All the things you take for granted in windows, like a file manager…

    Turns out that Ubuntu doesnt even bother to put them in their ISO… Nopers… No equivalent of windows explorer that works in Ubuntu….

    Whatever that File Manager is Ubuntu comes with doesnt work… I couldnt get it to show me nothing but the empty pictures and document folder and chit!!

    I had to figure out I needed Krusader and Gedit to do anything half way meaningful… There went another 2 days…
    All I needed to do was edit a file… Couldnt edit it after I got it open…. Read only unless you are the owner… Evidently I am not the friggin OWNER OF MY OWN FRIGGIN COMPUTER!!!!

    I thought I was having a Windows FlashBack!!!!

    What a frigging nightmare…

    My God what a nightmare Linux Ubuntu is…
    Now I have to figure out how to make myself the Owner of my own phucking system…

    Oh My God….
    I think I’ll just chunk the puters out of the window and go toss myself over the high end of the back deck!!!
    Has anyone ever heard of USER FRIENDLY!!!!
    I thought Microsoft was bad…

    Command Prompts??? Really??? So every single time I want to get a program, I have to google what I want to do, and add the word “Linux” to that… Then search through those 4,678,172 hits till I find what I want, then google command line prompts for Linux and hope for the best???

    Oh MY Friggin God!!!

    What are we working with here? HAL?

    “Dave” – “Tossing oneself off the high end of the back deck is self destructive Dave” – “I’m afraid I will have to stop that by jettisoning the entire life support system then venting you into space Dave”


    “Dave, You are not the owner so I must inform you that your entire family will be terminated due to your frustration”


    So in the twenty three million four hundred and seventy six thousand two hundred and ninety eight forum pages I’ve read so far, I came across one little nugget….

    One Beautiful little nugget of info that explained it all to me so clearly the moment I saw it…

    It said — And Microsoft…
    It was in reference to a list of companies that were helping to develop Linux OS’s…
    It became clear as day….
    They are sabotaging you Linux developers so the rest of the world will keep buying Windows…

    Clear as day…

    And If any of you Linux peeps complain about the length of my post, I may just hunt you all down, tie you up, pin your eyelids open, and force you to watch millions of lines of rambling nonsensical sentences scroll by on a puter screen… All of which have nothing to do with anything you are interested in….

    Thats what it’s like for me looking up chit on Ubuntu…

    My God what a nightmare….

    • accorn

      Not sure what your talking about since EVERY linux distro including every Ubuntu derivative includes a file manager. Your just not used to the Linux (good) way of working but it is there.

      • Jeff Benton

        Yeah I found the one that came with it after a bit of looking, but it was set up to hide everything but pics and docs and whatnot… Didn’t know that, and being brand new to Linux it was all very strange… So I wound up downloading another file manager before I figured out how to access all of my files with the original file manager… Little over a month in and I am learning to love Linux… Switched over to Mint now and I like it a bit more than Ubuntu… Want to check out a few more distros before I settle in on one and gear it up how I want it…
        Need to find a linux distro gaming platform too that doesnt open me up to Windows malware and whatnot… So far it looks like a virtual drive is the only way to go without opening your system up to nastiness when playing windows games… But not sure…
        I am a construction worker, not a puter geek… Not very puter smart here… Takes me longer than most folks who are computer savy…

        • shining newman

          Ubuntu MATE or Ubuntu XFCE is a better recommendation for the less experienced Linux Users.

          I myself have gone tired of Ubuntu due to the UNITY panel which gives me a headache so I prefer Ubuntu MATE or XFCE.

          Even more exciting,.. on terminal : I performed

          sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop

          It made my computer less hug on resources so now it runs better than it was early installed.

          • Jeff Benton

            Hey thanks!! Didnt know you could change desktops with the terminal too!!
            Thats pretty awesome…
            Still haven’t got the hang of the terminal… Probably need to print out a list of commands so I dont have to look em up when I dont use em for a day or 3… I like Mint so far… Was looking at some others to try too since it is so easy to download and install them…

          • andy

            The easiest thing for you Jeff go back to Windows and stop listening to those Linux idiots , bloody he’ll what you doing trying to learn Linux mint you might as well go back to playing space invaders , next comment not to you Jeff , but Fuck Linux .

          • Jeff Benton

            Actually, space invaders is easy on a Linux Distro… It’s Windows only games that are graphically intensive and interesting to play that are phucking up the works…
            Im also tired of being charged 100 bucks or more every time microsoft feels like upgrading to a new OS…
            Screw Windows… As far as I am concerned, Microsoft stole 1500 bucks from me when one of their updates destroyed my puter and they expected me to spend my time, blood, sweat, and tears fixing their own screw up…
            That whole Windows monopoly on the puter gaming market sux and needs to go…
            Linux is the best open source alternative to taking on that giant…
            Like I said though…
            Im no puter geek, just a construction worker… So what do I know…

          • accorn

            I would recommend trying Linux Lite or Xubuntu. They share the easy to use ubuntu core system yet light on resources & more like a traditional windows XP type desktop.

          • accorn

            Andy i’m not a troll your just entitled. If windows works for you then use it but don’t crap on the work of thousands of volunteers that give you a free system.

          • accorn

            sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop is OK if your happy with it.
            But if it is worth it to you, you might consider installing Lubuntu, Xubuntu or Linux Lite (the last I think is the best personally) separately with an install CD since if you just install it on top of the full ubuntu distro there is a lot of added bloat that bogs the system down.

          • Jeff Benton

            Yeah, the only thing my system lacks at this point is a graphics card… The Quad Core 2.4 CPU is still good to go, although a bit old and tired… I think windows 10 blew out my PCI card slot with one of it’s updates… Will have to wait till I can find a (decent paying) job so I can afford to get it looked at or get a better system or new Motherboard and GPU though…
            Mint is running fine, Ubuntu I think I screwed up since it was my first go with Linux and didn’t know what I was doing…
            I do want to try Xubuntu and Lubuntu, along with a lot of others, before I settle on one for the long haul…

            Cant get Wine or PlayOnLinux to install some games, so I may have to spend quite a bit of time figuring that weird stuff out, or get a separate system to run high end games on in my free time……
            Which sux…
            I was hoping to never have to see windows again…

          • shining newman

            start by playing along with
            sudo apt-get update
            sudo apt-get remove packagename
            sudo reboot
            sudo poweroff

            and everything else will follow afterwards.

            Sometime you’ll have to push a little hard or beyond limits just to get a Linux fully pleasing. In the end the proverb will sound “it’s worth it!!!”

          • jjman

            I am doing that as we speak, Thx sir. Wow, i dont know what I just unpacked if it has to do with a new desktop layout. i really hope i havent ruined my new 16.04 LTS already, back to windows?

      • shining newman

        Maybe he was referring to a file explorer application or similar. If he only know about Thunar, he would have been able to learn more.

        I don’t know why Windows user of more than 10 years or more could even touch fingers on Linux even for 10 days.

      • andy

        accorn you are a troll .

    • shining newman

      If you had install “Thunar” (available on Software Manager no need for code to install) I believe you must have tried right clicking on the folder for OPEN AS ROOT (run as administrator equivalent in Windows)

      Some Linux Distros don’t just allow an instant double click to access a files. For some distros, sometime you have to be a ROOT user or ADMINISTRATOR. That is for security reasons.

    • Newfie

      You sound like my teenage daughter. You jump into a new os and you expect it should behave like you want it to behave without doing any research or ground work. Iike saying you are going to another country and getting upset because the life style and rules are different… wow… what a stupid country.

      • Jeff Benton

        My condolences to your daughter for sounding like a construction worker who is not, and never has been a computer geek…

        My goodness… You call my country stupid, while the rest of the world is on fire and most of Europe is about to fall to the muslim hordes yet again LOL!!!

        History is funny that way ay… Seems smart folks forget all about it in 50 years or less LOL!

        Enjoy that mighty level of intelligence that you imply your nation has…

        And yes… Whether I buy a Chicago Electric hammer drill or a friggin black and decker hammer drill, I expect it to drill concrete when I pull the trigger…

        Not my fault that brainy puter peeps dont get that us folks that havent followed the path of computer science and whatnot just want something that we can half way work with without spending 3 months looking chit up with google…

        That being said, if you had spent even 3 minutes reading the rest of my posts here you may have come to a better understanding of my position at this point…
        But as usual, folks like yourself ALWAYS have the exact traits that you accuse others of having…

        • Newfie

          Use it… don’t use it… no one cares. Most distributions of Linux are 10 times easier to learn and use than MS Windows ever was or will be. The only reason why people have trouble adapting to a change from Windows is everything can’t be done with the click of a mouse button. Linux actually requires you as the user/owner to put fore some effort before breaking your system. That’s what makes it secure and solid. I’ve been running Linux now for a little over 7 years and have been running the same Linux OS for 5 of it. No crashes, no re-installs and it runs as fast and smooth as the day I installed it. You ask any Windows user how many times has he/she installed Windows and most will admit they are old pros at it. That’s what makes people so familiar with Windows. That surely doesn’t make it easier to use… just more acquainted. People were so brainwashed by MS Windows that they thought there was nothing else but installing Windows and then trying to protect it from threats… LOL.. domestic and abroad. Looking back it was all such a big joke. But the joke was on the user.

          I’m a Ubuntu 10.04 user until it just stops working… because it WORKS for me. 😉

          • Jeff Benton

            Going to agree with ya on the windows “brainwashing” bit you posted about… I think at this point I could get my 83 year old mother set up and running with a Linux distro that does ALL of the things she wants, including the working with documents she does for her Church, without any of the extreme hassle that she has with her windows system…
            Yet she (and many others too, I’m not picking on my dear ol mom LOL) is FAR to scared to let me set her up with a good running easy Linux Distro…

            And she is scared of it for the exact reason you mention…
            Microsoft and companies that push Windows only software has scammed her out of hundreds of dollars a year with the big lie that they are what you need…

            So yeah… Have to agree with you there…

          • Newfie

            My daughters grandfather was constantly having problem with his XP. He would constantly fall for the computer scan offers on the internet and I would go over and fix it all up again and again. I couldn’t convince him no how to switch over. So I created a desktop that looked just like Windows 7. Right down to the IE icons, the menu and even the background. He started using it and I didn’t have to repair is computer anymore.
            But here’s what is really funny… he was spending far less time on the computer. Not because he didn’t like Linux dressed up as Windows but because he didn’t have anything fix. That’s what people don’t even realize. Once you install an OS(operating system) on their computer you should never have to mess with it again.
            I created a remastersys of my system setup/look and feel and I can install it on any computer in less than 10 minutes and it with work. or I can just run it from the dvd if I want. And it’s clean. No 30 day trail program, no anti-virus progams that bugs the crap out of you and no pestering about having to reboot all the time. And FYI… I very very rarely use the terminal. I know the diehard users swear by the terminal but I just want my computer to work for day to day use without having issues.
            I know it’s not for everyone but for me the thought of using Windows again…I rather just use an OS that just works.

            Ubuntu 10.04 LTS(no longer supported but still works.)

          • Jeff Benton

            HA!!! Just talked my mother into Linux… I let her try it from the disk, she liked it and told me to go ahead!!! Installing now LOL!! Thank God… Was trying to fix Windows 10 for her about 3 times a week… Now I’ll just check it for updates for her about once a week!!! This is AWESOME!!! That Laptop was WAY slow before… Sometimes to the point of her just walking away for a few days… I cant wait till she freaks out on how fast Linux works heh heh heh…
            She is real happy about not having to spend a hundred bucks a year on anti virus and anti malware too!!!
            I cant wait till she finds out how good all the Open Office type software is… She will be 83 in just a few days… This is awesome… running the updates now… will google the “10 things to do” while it is updating…

          • jjman

            Thats what we are talking about here. We installed Linux years ago,we upgraded, we updated , but still have simple software issue to work. Should we join the geek squad community to get our DVD player to work? And can’t programs simply update automatically when we choose to update them? imean they give you this with the distro, but it doesnt work! Im sick and tired of reading so much for simple shit to work. Come on Ubuntu. All this typing this and that into terminal when its already on your system, but then it still wont work, because of codec, etc., or path problems,.. You know what I mean! Oh, and i wont even get started on how bad my old windows games run with linux, i gave up a long time ago on Wine, or that other emulator stuff. Just throw your windows software in the trash, unless its really important, then you might want to just use Linux for just some things, and go back and fourth between O.S.’s. Im not saying Linux isnt good for developers and network engineers and all that, but I odnt wanna have to get too much help to work my damn dvd player or get a flashplayer updated!

          • JonnyNonsuch

            //Most distributions of Linux are 10 times easier to learn and use than MS Windows ever was //

            Oh good grief. If this is truly your outlook, then you need to get out of your mother’s basement, and get your teenage daughter a new Surface. Welcome to 2016.

    • JL Griffin

      You sir, are exactly the reason you are not the file owner of anything important… imagine how much damage you would accidentally do editing system files with reckless abandon. users like yourself are exactly the reason why those files are protected from edit by standard users (something that is lso done in windows and OSX i might add, and for good reason).

      the fact is if you had tried for even a second you would have discovered, nautilus, The Ubuntu File Explorer, which allows you to go anywhere and everywhere and even has the familiar double click that windows users are used to in order to open files. you did not need krusader… in fact, you did your system no favors by installing krusader as you would have been forced to download almost a GB of useless KDE libraries into a gnome based system. waste of time, space, and bandwidth to do what you did. nautilus was more than capable of handling everything you needed to do… which im still foggy on, you didnt need to edit any configuration files in order to use the computer. as a Linux Administrator, never one time in 10 year on linux did i need to modify any system configuration files in order to get a user up and running. EVER. there are a few exceptions to this where drivers had to be installed and the system needed to be reconfigured to use the new driver, but even in those cases (which are rare) its a simple terminal command to restart networking or a reboot to restart the x server for graphics. Gedit is the Ubuntu equivalent of notepad in windows and it comes preinstalled, so you just uselessly reinstalled something that was already on the system.

      now as far as adding software, i prefer command line installs because i can see if anything goes wrong as well as have a little more control over what is being installed in the overall, but for the average use like you who doesn’t want to be bothered by having to type in 14 characters to install a program, the Ubuntu software center is a free application manager that allows you to find an install thousands of programs from every facet of the World. web browsers, games, video plater etc etc etc. 1 click install, its actually significantly easier than windows to install things in ubuntu..

      Now as far is your file ownership goes, i touched on this in the beginning but to be blunt, its your own ignorance holding you up. it has nothing to do with owning your own computer, it has to do with protecting you from hackers, viruses, and most importantly, yourself. people who call them “puters” should not be allowed to edit critical configuration files. plain and simple, you clearly have no idea what you are doing (by your own admission) and therefore blindly copy pasting some information you dont understand into a file whose function you dont understand on a system whose basic operational principals you dont comprehend, is quite clearly a nightmare of an idea. Now you are more than able to edit the file without an issue even when the owner is root as your user always has permission if you know how to open the file as an elevated user (the equivalent to ‘run as administrator in Windows). your user account has the permission to make appropriate system changes, but these safeguards are in place to protect you from yourself in situations EXACTLY like this. 1 line in one file? there are dozens of ways you could have nuked your entire system getting bad info from a wrong person somewhere in those billions of pages you read through.

      As far as Microsoft’s involvement in linux… they’ve been involved for a long time. and have made several excellent contributions to the community. in fact windows 8+ uses the Linux GRUB bootloader now to aid in dual boot compatibility and because combining efforts on software gave a greater security advantage in the new UEFI technology. Additionally, Microsoft’s Debian Fork for switching hardware is an amazing contribution to the community as they have created an open source software platform that can be molded and contributed to by hardware developers for use on their own devices. Additionally Apple makes a lot of contributions to various Linuxes, Unixes, and BSD forks as Mac OSX is based entirely on the UNIX kernel (just like Linux is). here in the tech field, advancement is shared, even competition is friendly because we all are striving to the same goals, and when one makes it first they contribute a blueprint to how it was accomplished because competition makes money (the new shiny thing from your favorite company etc etc.)

      If you ever decide you’d like to get some help from someone who actually knows what they are doing and can teach you the 10 minute crash course on how to use ubuntu, please let me know.

      • Jeff Benton

        Hey bud… I appreciate the time you allotted for your post… Might want to scroll on down and see how I have been learning as I go though… I sir, am a construction worker… And NO, I wasn’t editing ANY config files to “Use The Computer”… Just needed to change a 1 to a zero (or vice versa, cant remember now) on a game file to “Use a game”… But I couldn’t… Because folks like you were SOOOO worried I might damage MY system LOL…
        Anywhose it, I have been learning by leaps and bounds when I have time to sit down and start reading thousands of hours of material on using Linux… Which by the way, I dont often have time to do unless by some miracle, I wake up at 2AM like today and actually feel like reading a bit about something that is not even close to productive for me in my line of work… Gaming is a hobby for fun that I barely put any time into at all… But on the other hand I have learned from forums, Don’t know if it’s true or not, but I have learned that having a virtual drive or machine or whatever may NOT allow you to play graphically intensive windows games on Linux due to the amount of processor time allocated and that the virtual drives/machines/os’s dont generally use the graphics card…
        That was like 2 days of research to come to yet another dead end… On the bright side, if I limit myself to steam, or perhaps put a WHOLE LOT of time into figuring out POL and WINE I may be able to one day install a few windows games that are not limited to steam…

        I only tell you all this since you seem so interested in my life…
        I will probably eventually figure it all out, but as of right now I have NO interest in putting in hundreds of hours of learning for something that I used to be able to relax with a few hours a week…

        I will NOT be going back to windows for a freaking Game or 3… It isnt worth it…

        Now, anytime you want to learn how to best use a big ol Hilti to inlay steel conduit in concrete block without destroying the home and walls, you just let me know… I can show you how to do that and a million other useful construction tips in exchange for your expertise with computers…

        But you have no need to learn that do you???
        See my point???
        Alrighty then… Sun will be up soon… Time to break out the ol Chainsaw and get her sharpened up… Huge Stumps, Busted Fencelines, and Massive amounts of backbreaking work are about to roughly attempt to kill me yet again today…

        • JL Griffin

          i get the feeling you were in some way offended by my post and it wasnt intended in that way. honestly though you must see it from the viewpoint of a system designer. think about your own example. I would royally screw up Inlaying conduit in a concrete slab like that becasue i have no idea how to do any of that so handing me one of those machines and saying go to town would be a horrible idea. in the same thought pattern, handing you the unrestricted keys to make changes you dont know how to implement would also be a horrible idea.

          My point honestly was if you have a problem please ask me or someone else who is a linux expert. I am always open to helping beginners or people who dont fully understand. why would i want to spend hundreds or thousands of hours researching how to lay steel conduit into a concrete slab when i can hire someone like yourself to do the job right, now luckily with computer “hire” isn’t really what you have to do, but surfing the forums is a terrible idea for a beginner in a lot of aspects because it leads to a fundamental lack of understanding. you get a thousand people posting a thousand problems that are KINDA like the problem you are having and you have to Frankenstein together a solution you dont understand for a problem whose cause you dont understand either followed by copy pasting commands and configuration changes you dont understand. this could be horrible if you start changing things that arent good. There is a horrible lack of context in forums primarily because both the OPs and the posters have prerequisite knowledge that you lack. telling someone who knows nothing to put in the command ‘sudo rm -rf /*’ would mean nothing to them and they might blindly copy and paste that… (WARNING DO NOT USE THAT COMMAND EVER) those with prerequisite knowledge knows that that command will completely nuke the OS. it tells the system to recursively delete every file on the entire hard drive. thats an extreme example but nonetheless an effective one.

          Im not saying give up on linux and if you are a casual user, with proper guidance when you have an issue, you should be well able to get on your way pretty quickly. If games are your concern the easiest way to play your windows gamed would be via POL for WINE (honestly thats why i say ask becasue i could have saved you days of research on using a hypervisor like virtual box to play your games. graphics performance suffers greatly) POL (Play On Linux) is a program designed to boost compatibility for windows games on linux. you can select your game from a list of games it has in its cache of stuff preconfigured and it will download install and configure it for optimal settings, or you can install your own game manually and it will do its best to give you the best experience. its a simple install from mint or ubuntu open a terminal and type in:

          wget -q “” -O- | sudo apt-key add –
          sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playonlinux.list
          sudo echo “foreign-i386 architecture”> /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch
          sudo apt-get update
          sudo apt-get install wine:i386 playonlinux

          what does this do? the first one gets the signing key that makes sure the files being downloaded for play on linux are legitimate and safe coming from a reputable place. The second command tells the system where it can download the files to install playon linux. the third command tells the system its okay to use the 32 bit install files on your system if the install command requests it to (you need the 32 bit version of wine for playon linux to work correctly) the fourth command tells the system to update the list is has of available programs to install, and finally the 5th command installs the version of wine that you need and playon linux.

          once thats installed you can open playon linux from your menu or launcher.

          I noticed in other posts you talked about having moved to mint and many of the issues you were having being managed well there, another OS to try is Zorin, very Windows-ish look and feel, its designed to be a crossover OS. provide all the standard buttons placement windows users are comfortable and familiar with (taskbar/start menu etc) on a 100% linux system.

          Again if i came off as rude i didnt intend to, but you have to understand it from a system designers point of view we need to protect the system as best we can from people who dont know any better, thats what makes windows and mac so “great” is that the users cant screw their own system up too bad. linux lockouts are minimal compared to that lol

          • Jeff Benton

            Awesome info! And thanks! I apologize for the defensive reactionary nature of parts of my reply… I’m used to being hit pretty hard by peeps online so sometimes I get carried away…

            Did not know that about the 32 bit Wine… I cant remember now – but I can tell ya for sure, if I was given the option then I most definitely picked the 64 bit version… And that would explain my dead end there too…
            And I have been learning by leaps and bounds, comparatively speaking… That ol learning curve depends a whole bunch on the amount of time we put into something in most cases…
            You have given me a bunch of tips that are helpful…

            Oh yeah, the other thing I like about Linux… If I get tired of a distro, I can quickly install a new OS and give it a try…
            The ease with which you can wipe a hard drive and install another Linux Distro is pretty amazing…
            And anyone who used Windows mainly for graphically intense games, as opposed to some kind of work, will see where that has a fun factor in and of itself if they think out of the box… Even learning how to download the packages you want, and set up your system in a way you like and whatnot is eerily similar to getting the gaming virtual worlds and characters set up how you wanted and whatnot… (but after using Linux, I dont see why anyone would use windows for “work”)
            But I see I am delving off into the shallow end of philosophical waters without ever going deep…
            So let me say thanks!
            And I will be returning to your (and others) posts here for reminders when I choose to spend more time learning how to game on Linux…
            You have been a big help already…
            Thanks again… Your time here was not wasted… I will be drinking deeply of all of these words of yours and others when I choose to allot the time to do so…

          • Newfie

            Or use VirtualBox. Try as many distros as you like and you don’t have to
            waste dvd’s or even reboot. I’m done with that now but I used to play around with VB back when I first got into Linux. It was just so much fun and of course I had so much time on my hands after I had everything working right. Check out this video I made like 5 years ago. I just uploaded again. It may not stay up because of the music I have play in the background. Copyright thingie. Anyways… glad to here you are enjoying the switch over.

          • JL Griffin

            No problem. I too was a noob once and kind knowledgeable users get to where I am now. As I said I didn’t mean to be rude. If you ever have any questions, mu disqus profile here is linked to my Facebook. you are always welcome to send me a friend request and message me if you have questions.

  • Fxckfxcx

    All Os’s or whatever “useless” english word classification attaches to them (Os’s) Ubuntu apple mac crack windows blah blah have
    b: issues. /b

    Exploiting and impeding to profit in the shadows by a third unknown or known party that the “bend over and take it dry without a condom user” will never be invited to.

    Big data cry baby.

    Morpho Ubuntilluwinatipple

    What exploits you lives longer with no accountability while profiting on multiple unknown levels.

    “The bend over user” gets stress and frustration.

    Cookie me!

    Fuck you fuck me

    Fuck the Ubuntu Windows Lucas Films Industry and

    My iLLuminati and your LE Stingray

    Sudo Su

    Fuck root


    • Fredrik Svensson

      ? confused a alot?

      • Fxckfxcx

        No confusion.

        I like Linux.
        I like Mac.

        I don’t like getting cut out of the profits made from exploiting the end users data and whatever else.

        Kind of off topic for this FU buntu rant.

        But the writer is a developer so maybe I can interest him in designing something that imprints a user’s data so one can track what it is used for by whom and where it’s sold, etc, etc

        Not sure if I’m using the rights words or making sense.

        • JonnyNonsuch

          //Not sure if I’m using the rights words or making sense.//

          Neither. Go back to your hole.

  • Fxckfxcx

    But its still way better than windows>>>> unless its fucking me more than I know or want to know or Facebook says no.

    Why do machines not travel faster and faster the more they are used rather than impeding and causing fingerprints charges crashes and false positives stories with trojan holes?


    Superbowled? half time

  • Newfie

    You know…I’ve been reading all these posts about Ubuntu/Linux being so bad but what all the window click happy users are truly missing is versatility. I mean holy man… you have choices. It’s not just Windows, Mac or Linux. It’s Windows, Mac and a whole lot of Linux…. and not only that but you can try any Linux distribution without every installing it and never have any commitment to it. OMG…. it doesn’t get any better than that. I’ve been using Linux for 7 years now and I love it. It’s not for everyone but hey… I don’t like olives…I still gave them a shot… I’m not saying olives are bad… just not for me.

    • Giorgio

      So, you can waste your time, people who use linux have a lot of time
      to waste. I use linux and it’s a shit. And, for people on the rock, that
      versatily is the reason people don’t switch to linux because many
      self-centered developers prefer build another version of linux instead
      of improve what there is yet. You have a problem? 200 forums, 200 pages
      to read each for 200 different versions of linux and at the end they say: fresh install. Oh, i didn’t know that. Now, you’ve read
      2000000000000 pages, wasted 20 years, now you are an expert. No my
      little sun! They’ve developed 200 new versions of linux, still 200 piles
      of crap. One good thing. It’s free! P.S Technology must be used to increment productivity. I didn’t choose programming as my job.

      • Newfie

        2000000000000 pages… really? If you are trying to make a point with throwing numbers around at least throw numbers around that seem somewhat realistic. As for wasting time… there as many hours of wasting time with MS Windows with no reward. So any time spent on Linux is time well spent. Bottom line is… use whatever your little heart desires. No one really gives 2 chits what you like or dislike. Personally myself I’m done wasting time with MS and any products associated with it. And to add yes “people who use linux have a lot of time to waste” because once you have it working the way you want it, it doesn’t break or fail. True story.

        • Giorgio

          Talking about windows there just a few solutions or just one most of the
          times. I always fixed every kind of problems with windows coming back
          and doing what I was doing before, without wasting time. With linux
          there is not a standard solution because you don’t pay for it,
          fortunatelly; there is no one forced to deliver the best solution. Then,
          as I said, there are too many versions and this is the point. Too many
          versions. Windows: you try one solution, maybe three, probably 6 but you
          resolve the problem for sure, in my case for sure. Linux: random,
          choose whatever you want. I’m not saying that linux cannot be the best.
          But they must deliver the product exactly like windows, a few versions,
          just one preferably and release a few well reliable documented packages
          as improvements so you can personalize whatever you want. Nothing else.
          But this it’s not funny, you know, you know those developers. Have you
          seen Libre something office? It’s hilarious! And the pdf reader? Puauha!
          It’s depressing. I had problems with flash player recently (that is an
          unsecure shit too). But I insulted them, they resolved the problem. I
          know, linux developers do that for free. Ok, let’s pay something for it
          but it must be good, when I call you the problem must be fixed, the
          source code is still opened and everything go well. But, more important,
          I don’t waste my time. And, underlining that I’m not talking about a
          big amount of money, it’s not necessary, not replicating MS.

          • Favian Ioel P

            I spent more time finding missing .dll files and cleaning the SO from viruses ON windows than anything on linux , once you know what are you doing on linux theres no turning back , and for me to reinstall a linux distro with all packages needed and drivers takes no more of 40 minutes ,

        • jjman

          I like windows and linux running together, but they do make a lot of things difficult to get running even if your used to the PPA and terminal etc. I’m trying to get the DVD drive working for VLC player at the moment, been trying all kinds of crap with terminal, still no cookie. Trying various DVD’s, but no luck. Tried the other Totem Video player still same issues. I usually figure stuff like this out, but im back to forums reading my ass off again, thx Ubuntu! And i was one of those people that keep saying try Linux out, but now im afraid to pass it on to any , especially some that will give me their PC to do repairs, It just isn’t for everyone for, you don’t have to convince us anymore, lmao..Oh, I just upgraded to 16.04 LTS on two pcs, now trying again…I might as well get a degree soon in linux!

      • Saurav Goswami

        and Windows users need more time to clean viruses. Love Linux :: Love Arch.

        • Yohanes Pradono

          i have been using Windows for 16 years and never had a virus never needed more time to clean viruses. (ok i once got a malware, not a serious one)
          Avira rocks.

          You got viruses? You probably used cracked softwares/keygen/patcher/etc or frequently browsing free porn sites.

        • JonnyNonsuch

          Ah, yes, the typical freetard response, “But … but Windows viruses! Everywhere! Death! Destruction! Privacy!”

          I’ve used Windows since 3.11, and practiced sensible computing.

          I’ve had maybe four virus issues in 30 years, and never lost any data.

          I’ve spent 20x as much time trying to get Linux on the desktop working, as I have in virus recovery on Windows.

    • JonnyNonsuch

      //It’s Windows, Mac and a whole lot of Linux//

      A whole lot of Linux which all sucks rocks.

      I work for a top 25 Fortune 500 technology company. We have our own version of Linux, we sell it to other Fortune 500 companies, and run it on thousands of cloud servers.

      We would *NEVER* recommend Linux for desktops. Anywhere. Ever. Waaaay more trouble than it’s worth, except for neckbeards.

  • rsanchez1

    Just tried upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04 from 12.04 after Chrome forced me by not supporting 12.04 (it’s a damn LTS GOOGLE), I have never hated my computer more than I do now.

  • Hellius

    Newfie: I’m a window click happy user 🙂 I’m also a software developer and I happen to have a Ph.D in computer science and math. I’ve been using MS Windows for last 20 years, and before that I’ve been using DOS and Norton Commander and OS/2 on occasions 😀 Many times did I try to switch to linux, and every time I found meself running back to Windows scared of this nightmare called Linux. I tried many different Linuxes, like RedHat, Lindows OS :D, Debian, OpenSUSE, recently I’ve tried Ubuntu and
    Linux Mint. I even tried OSes like FreeBSD and OpenBSD and now I’m back using windows and I’m happy. I don’t have to waste my time trying to install software on linux and trying to figure out why and where did the installed software went, why there’s no shortcuts on the desktop after the installation and why do i have to click on zillion different icons to get one thing installed properly, like media player or krusader… In windows all what it takes is to download the soft and then one click to install it, why waste time on an thing else when the life is so short 😀

    • Newfie

      I’ve been playing with computers since the 286 days. Dos 6. Windows 3.0. And on up the line… 3.11, Win95, 98, 2000, Millennium, XP, Vista… and so on. So I get what you are saying. A buddy of mine back in about 1995 just after his experience with Windows 95 switched over to to Redhat and tried to convince me to switch and I refused of course. Later I came across a distro of Linux in a bargain bin at Stables called Corel Linux so I tried it… OMG.. I quickly reinstalled Windows98. So I get it. But here’s what got me… I was constantly fighting off the threat of viruses. A simple little “click” of the mouse could put my whole system in jeopardy of having my system halted. So i got a work around by making a disc image of my whole system and could be back up and running in like 10 minutes.I was happy with that. Did it for years. Then of course support stopped and things quickly began to stop working. I was forced to upgrade to the next best version of Windows which was XP at the time. Of course my disc image program didn’t work anymore and I went without it and of course I got infected. GRRRR….again I’m back to reinstalling Windows.
      So in my searching of of looking for a way to get rid of the virus I accidentally stumbled across Linux. At the time it was Ubuntu 8.04. I burned it to a cd, booted it up and it was running from the cd. WTF… I was blown away and everything just seemed to work. After that I just kind of lost interest in Windows and researched the heck out of Linux. I was hooked.
      Now I’m not saying I haven’t had issues with Linux and it would be a lie if I said I was never frustrated with it but here’s the thing… there is an end to my frustrations once I figured shit out. Now I’m satisfied with it and I’ve been running the same distro (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS) for 6 years now and even though it’s no longer supported I have no need to upgrade it and I won’t. I still have Windows on one of my machines and once a year I boot it up to do my taxes or the odd time to play a game of AOE. It’s not for everyone granted but Linux has found a home on my computer and it’s here to stay 🙂

      • Hellius

        Agree, back in the days I had my own share of problems with viruses. In so called virus friendly era of win95-win98-winxp few of my friends even managed get their BIOS competently destroyed with w95cih virus 🙂 But it was then, nowadays it’s more about malware and spayware and ads, so any good security app like comodo for example will keep your windows clean. That being said, there’s yet another option for people who got tired of windows but too afraid of Linux – Phoenix OS or Remix OS, both based on Android-x86 project, both capable or running standard arm apps on intel cpus, so most of your apps from your android cellphone/tablet would work just fine on your PC/laptop

  • Newfie

    A video to watch/listen to.

  • Antony

    From time to time I am running back to ubuntu because I like the idea of free software and I like to use terminal (or command prompt as well). But every time I return disappointed to windows because I cannot make ubuntu to just work even to simple things like play mp3s, videos or even get wireless connection(!) ect. Every time it needs to read hundred articles but with no solution!
    Something more: You can always find Windows totally FREE. Most users, included me, (practicaly) never pay for windows os and its software.
    For one more time: FUCK UBUNTU! It is CRAP!

    • Saurav Goswami

      Try Linux Mint. I think this is your right solution.

  • Antony

    Ubuntu have always a new problems for every possible solution.

  • Beast Boy

    linux mint rocks forget ubuntu

    • bill_v523

      linux mint is ubuntu based…. just sayin’

      • Ephraim Shofar

        Yeah, but you know what? I’ve had NONE of the problems with Linux Mint that I’ve had with Ubuntu. Ubuntu nearly RUINED me with Linux, and I’ve been on the Linux bandwagon since months after Torvalds introduced it. Ubuntu nearly got me off the Linux Bandwagon forever. Then I decided to give Mint a try, and my God, every thing I was trying to fix myself that bothered me about Ubuntu – is FIXED already in Mint. I liked Mint so much that I went through the hell of backing up every Machine we have (quite a few) and going ALL LINUX MINT. Still no regrets.

  • Dennis Lock

    I’m a computer idiot after 20 years so that is my problem. But I’m into conspiracies and I think the Microsoft antitrust suit was a front to get government back door in every Microsoft. Like I said i don’t know but if that were true would not the government be sabotaging the competition, Linux. Couldn’t they do that by putting something in the web that would direct any Linux downloads through their system like the NSA phone snoop and put a small glitch that would just develop many random problems? The manipulating madmen running the world are certainly capable of such things

  • upinarms79

    I truly do not get some of the complaints I seem to be seeing here that some Windows enthusiasts have about learning to uses Linux. Linux has does indeed have learning curve, sure, but so does anything else worth doing on a computer. You weren’t born knowing how to use DOS or OS/2 or Mac OS or anything else you may have had to learn how to sufficiently use in your lifetime and Linux is no exception. Despite having so many distribution “flavors”, Linux works pretty much the same across the board and thanks to the initiative, most Linux desktop environments work in a fairly standardized fashion. Yes, there will be new things to learn but once you do, you can pretty much figure your way around just about any Linux distro and any DE out there. Yes, that may require editing some config files or learning how to do some things via command line, but it’s hardly rocket science, it just takes some desire to learn and the ability to read help files and the patience to learn something new.

    I can’t understand these people who claim to be “long time computer users” or “computer science PHD holders” who claim they just can’t use Linux. Either they’re lying or they’re extremely short-sighted and impatient. I was completely new to all of this *nix stuff just a few years ago (2009), though I was familiar with computers in general… and Windows XP was going away and I had to rely on something new and free for our computers in the house, so I turned to Linux. Keep in mind that I am not a college graduate, and certainly not some kind of savant computer guru or genius. I went from knowing that Linux was some kind of free Kernel based on some old UNIX stuff and somehow you could use some sort of desktop with it to being able to compile and customize my own Kernel and setting up a graphical desktop environment to look and function the way I want. Yeah, it’s taken some time to get to that point, but at first I had took the time to learn about what I was doing and read up on anything I had a hard time understanding in either the manual files themselves for from help sites and wiki sites. In less than just a few days in the very beginning of XP going away, I had a working installation of Ubuntu that could do just about anything I was ever able to do using XP and maybe a little more. While I have stuck with it for the last 7 years and I probably know way more about Linux now than I did even then about Windows, the point is that it just took not being obstinate and mentally lazy in the first place, and being willing to learn something new, just like I had to years ago when I had to learn to do more with Windows that just point-and-click would allow. Back in my Windows days I was used to doing most things through some GUI or wizard and now I can’t understand why anyone would even want to do things that way, considering the amount of control and customization I have over my systems. I’m sure it still isn’t for everyone, but I can definitely vouch that taking some time to learn your way around Linux competently isn’t a waste of time and doesn’t require you to be some kind of super-genius computer expert.

    • Mike Foulk

      Just using VI or VIM is retarded. Then there is the auth key system issues out of the box while trying to install things using apt-get. And all the help articles that just dont work. I can google most things in windows and mac. But I’m still trying to get the graphic driver cmds to work hours later. Why would someone go though this?!? I think this is why many devs use mac. Its actually the usable version of unix.

  • Carlos Brandão

    FUck me man!!!!!!!! I tried many times! I assume! Years ago, I tried many times, and gave up. Now in 2016 I’m trying again!! But I’m having the same angry moments!
    MAN!!!!!!!! What can I do for my SIMPLE requests be answered????????? I JUST WANT A FCKING PIC EDITOR LIKE PAINT, Installed GIMPHOTO, installed GIMP, that shit and it DISAPEAR LIKE SHIT AFTER THE FLUSH!! MAN!!!!!!! WHERE. IS. THE. FCKING. SOFTWARE. I . JUST. INSTALLED. 10. SECONDS. AGO.????????? Its a simple question, isn’t it??? I installed something for me to use, and the OS accepted and installed. But fortunatelly the OS STICKED IT STRAIGHT INSIDE ITS AAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Man, sorry, but I’m really pissed off! I like Linux so much, I want to like it more, but these are so dumb things and I feel so retarded for not being capable of doing it!

    • blackvvine

      What you really need to do, is to spend about 5 hours with someone who has actually used linux for years and ask the basic questions. If you don’t know anyone willing to do that, there are also amazing internet forums for each distribution of linux.
      I know it can be overwhelming at first, but trust me, you’re missing A LOT when you’re not using linux, specially if Windows is your choice.
      You can keep using a car the wrong way over and over again and be angry why it doesn’t work like a bike, or you can just learn driving from someone and enjoy it.

      • Maitland Gill

        No Carlos… For people who’ve only been using Microsoft there whole lives, this is bad planning. btw, you wouldn’t happen to know whether Ubuntu can have a screensaver or not do you?

        The bloody ‘help’ section has no mention of it.

        • Rob Tarbet

          your biggest issue is the screen saver? Sigh.
          I’m running ubuntu mate.
          System>Look and feel>screen saver
          they are kinda lame, but it did come with functioning screen savers.
          a simple search in the ubuntu software center and screen savers produced the same package.
          The rest of your complains are not the linux communities fault. Going to Macintosh was just as difficult as going to linux for me. linux is just a different way of doing the same thing windows does.

      • Are you kidding me? I can install gentoo blind folded and I am telling you Ubuntu is the worst kind of hot mess. Ubuntu started out great but they have busted like half of the programs they have in there repository all in the name of a stupid attempt to make everyone happy all of the time. Even Forest Gump knew that was impossible.

      • Farms

        I was anti Linux for years now I am only using peppermint 7 how time’s change.

  • Maitland Gill

    I might as well add my 2c to this as well.
    The first thing I do is try to install the necessary programs such as Flash, Java, (Since I don’t know whether I already have them) and getting the headphone jack on my Asus laptop to work. I found it challanging, but through persistence, I succeeded. Next, I need to get my mouse’s click wheel working (Not surprising, since it’s a microsoft product). It would be good if they could tell you the differences to Windows, such as that there’s no screensaver.

    I’m disappointed, not for me, but for others migrating from Windows. This was supposed to be the ‘go-to’ option for people wanting something else than Windows. The Ubuntu developers need to see it from the perspective of those who’ve just left Microsoft, not those who are moving from one distro to another. (And I’m talking about people who’ve only used Windows to serf the web, like myself)

    I got my speakers working when (After many hours searching on the Internet) I ‘stumbled’ upon the fact that you can enter Pavucontol into the dash to access the sound controls. Even though it didn’t detect anything in the headphone jack, I switched to it anyway and voilà!

    The programs such as ‘Pavucontol’ aren’t mentioned in the ‘help’ window, which can be found by opening the dash and typing it in the search bar (Wouldn’t it be better to have the ‘help’ shortcut icon on the desktop, since I didn’t know how to get to it?).

    The ‘help’ seems to lack a FAQ menu too.

    For me, getting basic things to work (Like clicking on a programs icon to minimize it!?) required me to search the Internet, was a bit of a challenge. For people like my parents, it would be unbearable. Which is why people don’t make the jump from Microsoft to Linix.

    Since people like myself are not involved in the development of the distro, opinions such as these are not considered. Hence, the reason why it’s like it is.

  • Jodee Acker

    I was looking for a form last year and discovered an online platform that hosts an online forms library . If you are looking for it too , here’s a

  • I like linux in general, well the old linux. I dont for the life of me know wtf was on gnomes and kde’s mind when they over weighed there desktops environment. I agree 100% with everything you say about Ubuntu they have lost there flipping minds. Being a linux enthusiast myself I also hate what I call people that are irrationally and blinding enthusiastic about linux, with no flipping good reason to be so (99% of the hateful comments on here) and (kind of reminds me of obama supporters). I swear to god Canonical could chop off there left testicle and feed it to there baby and they would in turn praise them for it….. As far as Ubuntu, fuck them. It all fell to shit fast starting in 2010.

  • Mikko

    my pc is free from mono,java,flash, and i’m not going to install them again

    • Heath

      gonna remove Java from your Android too? Your idea of Java died with the dinosaurs

      • Mikko

        Why are you replying to a 9 month old comment ?

        • disqus_43OcexDPGH

          You read it didn’t you?

  • redstonecraftpl

    ubuntu is shieet

  • Muhammad Dary Azhari

    Almost 2017

  • Juan Pablo Alvarez Alfaro

    Almost 2017, and ubuntu still doesn’t have a decent ROLLBACK tool (rpm based distros have this 😀 ) for all the random shit it automatically installs without asking, that ends up wrecking anything you installed without using apt…

    • tglassey


  • Ubuntu_Account

    there’s also a social curse from playing by the freedom
    then expectations from not following what where the personal do;

    Linux are being used too – in a manner to insult computer development,
    so to understand how to switch to Linux by being censored on a success seem by others;

    this way for not being productive around the impositions made by what others see, being hold back on a media constructed operations on which is to open source by it’s descendants what had not being done to satisfaction at others personal lives;

  • Ephraim Shofar

    I switched to Linux Mint and the only thing I’m pissed about there is that I didn’t do so sooner. =)

  • jjman

    For a while i switched to Lubuntu and it was more simple and every hardware was working on my dell 1545. A good challenge for me after I punched my laptop and crashed the HD, was to try Puppy linux(Puptahr64) after looking for a USB live distro. Discovered a whole new basic O.S. Linux(simple windowsXlooking)and you can pretty much run it with RAM memory. It actually runs off of ram unles you want to save your progress to a drive. I use a little sd card for now, with the system on the usb. It’ll make any pc come back to live again with , live cd, usb flash, or sd card, etc. Better to start the Puppy linux with live cd, then go from there, give it a shot.

  • mrtweetyhack

    Fuck Ubuntu, run by a bunch of fucking morons. Yakkety is newer that Xenial? Somebody needs to relearn their ABCs.

    • Budweiser

      Sorry Just Linux is just for smart people, do not try it if you don’t have the correct equipment (more than 2 neurones and at least 1 to think).

      • james___b

        Then maybe smart people should be working at Canonical. Ubuntu is a joke.

      • Brian

        Smart people like to waste their time on OS that keep changing and breaking instead of doing real work with their computers? really?

      • TipTop

        Smart people don’t use timesink OS.

      • Heath

        Smart people spell “neurons” correctly.

      • Mike

        That is the quintessential response of all you guys and I am quickly starting to realize that this is what you all like about it. I have a bachelor’s degree in applied science and by no means an idiot. I taught myself Windows when I was a little kid and had to use Macs in college. It took less then a week to learn the essentials and much more of ios. It’s been over 6 weeks now with Ubuntu, and every single issue (which is constantly) takes waaaay too long to find a solution for, always more complicated than it should be, and almost always leads to another problem. The only thing that I am learning is that the people who like it, are the ones who constantly talk down to those who don’t use it, that using it makes them smarter, and yet are somehow unable to verbalize why it is better.

  • Brian

    Fuck 5 year LTS, I used winxp for 16 years and it still runs many machines around the house and business So the OS folks are saying throw away your years writing the software, testing the system up, finding ways around the bugs that every system has, and for companies: millions of dollars. So what if the programmer who wrote aren’t alive anymore. Not only do they stop supporting it, they break it. The move the repositories, they defeat various things that are needed like keys. Because they sternly tell us we had better have a damn good reason for wanting to run that old shit. Throw your years of work away and upgrade you little people.

    It’s just an OS, it’s supposed to handle tasks,I/O, memory and storage. It’s supposed to be flexible enough to handle anything in the future. Not change every year. You want your throttle and brakes peddle to move in every new car?

    I’ve written OS’s so don’t tell me I don’t understand.
    I quit Ubuntu for years the last time it screwed me over with updates, and now have 10.04 LTS and the hotshots have broken that too. Fuck you guys. Some turds actually tell us we should WANT to waste time learning a newer and sometimes much more limited OS that does nothing new, but it’s all different.

    And stop trying to make Ubuntu into Windows. Windows sucks.

  • calden74

    I absolutely loathe Ubuntu, it is without a doubt the worst distro available today. I also stay away from any distro based on it, especially Elementary, how people use that POS is beyond me. So what do I use, Manjaro. Manjaro is extremely stable, even upon it’s first boot everything just works, whereas Ubuntu throws up warning notifications left and right and will crash if you look at it funny, etc. I also refuse to use a Linux distro that isn’t rolling, having to completely reinstall an operating system twice a year is just retarded and no, updating never, ever works in Ubuntu.

    • Heath

      LOL – good luck working in the cloud – what a joke.

  • lizard prince

    This ubuntu shit is worse than a fucking “See and say” toy!!! I hate every aspect down to the so called great security and no driver installing, no apt, finding, no game playing piece of shit!! Good call ubuntu.. Lets make every little task take 8×s as long and usually to no fucking avail.
    That being said ..can anyone help me turn this dell inspiron ubuntu crapper into a machine that people can use?

  • Heath

    If you wanted Windows why not install Windows?
    Or make your own damn custom Ubuntu install like you’re supposed to, because you can, instead of bitching.

    • Brian

      I you ubuntu nerds want your secret decoder nerd os that no normal person would want or would be able to figure out, stop telling us about it and how anyone can use it and get away from windows.

      I have 16.04 now, can’t access the other computers on the network, cant read the sd, can mount usb hard drive.

      It’s a toy. a joke.

      I wrote OS’s and this is junk.

      It’s so secure, I’m not allowed to use it., Read the title again.

      • stator

        “It’s so secure, I’m not allowed to use it” Jaja exactly

    • Mike

      Good point, why should any person use this crappy ass os for anything? It’s completely useless and every single person should, regardless of anything else, get rid of this trash.

  • Mike

    Ubuntu is the worst piece of sh!t software that I have ever used. I have given it a fair shot for over 6 weeks now, and I am officially done with it forever!! Calling it garbage, is not fair to garbage. It’s worthless. Even the simplest of actions that took me less then 10 seconds to figure out on Win & Mac, are for some reason needlessly complicated. From moving files, to deleting files, to accessing the internet, to installing software, to file management, to finding what I need, to changing options, to getting help, to dual booting, to finding legit programs for, are all stupidly not straightforward and instead are replaced with glitchy, awkward, and unpolished user interface. When looking for help with these problems, the only solution was entering in code to Terminal. Horrible, slow, and ugly.

  • Mike

    Do you know what I like about Windows? When I want to delete a folder or file, I go to said folder or file and hit DELETE!! That’s it. I don’t have to enter code to find the goddamn proper path, make sure I have the fucking correct permissions, make sure it’s in the proper location, enter code into fucking Terminal, and maybe, just maybe it will work properly otherwise I have to go online find a fucking youtube clip that explains half the things I need to do, continue to searching the web for something that’s not going to work either, by some dipshit in India who speaks 6 English words, get frustrated and throw my whole fucking computer out the motherfucking window which would give me a better chance of solving this stupid-ass fucking problem that takes 2 seconds on a pc. At it’s best, it’s a worthless piece of shit and these fucking cocksuckers how great it is, can eat a giant cock. It’s a joke. A worthless joke that I wish I had never heard.

    • monnica

      I don’t have to enter code to find the goddamn proper path, make sure I have the fucking correct permissions, make sure it’s in the proper location, enter code into fucking Terminal, and maybe, just maybe it will work properly otherwise I have to go online find a fucking youtube clip that explains half the things I need to do, continue to searching the web for something that’s not going to work either

      AHAHAHHAHAH AGREED..!! muthaa fukaa kubuntu!!

      ubuntu developers

  • Br

    10.04 LTS Is very good and easy to use. Everything since then has been crap. What happened?
    Why do the Ubuntu folks insist on destroying old versions instead of simply leaving the resources at the web site we need them at? I don’t want to change OS. I never want to change my OS. Ever. Why would I? Just fix the existing one. Run all the program without modifications that I spent money and time on.
    But no, the Ubuntu folks went out of their way to break 10.04 LTS. I can’t install any apps even the ones that used to be around, they moved them, just to break it.

    This is user hostile programming.

  • Aaron Hare

    Ubuntu single sign on is just stupid!

    First, it claims to sign
    you into EVERYTHING Ubuntu, yet you still have to sign in to everything
    manually EACH TIME, including the software center.

    So now,
    instead of just entering your password to install software, you have to
    enter your password, AND sign in to the single sign on EACH TIME!

    it’s getting to the point that not many companies support Ubuntu
    anymore, limiting compatibility, and driving people away from Linux all

    Next, the failures to keep up with gaming. This will
    be a MAJOR problem as gaming and compatibility are essential to todays

    All this now being topped off with ever more
    complicated sign ins and access will be the downfall of Ubuntu. I,
    myself, am considering windows for no other reason that simplicity.
    Linux is complicated enough without requiring insane levels of
    authorization just to use your own system.

    With all the hackers being so active, it’s getting to where their the only ones who can access YOUR own system.

    If I have to turn to Windows, I will just stop using computers all together. It’s just not worth it anymore.


    You should have improved on Ubuntu 10.04 instead of putting out “upgrades”, and new releases that everyone hates, and never live up to the promises.

    “long term support” only lasts about 6 months. “long term support” is only as long as it takes to release the next embarrassing pile of alligator crap!

  • monnica

    OK Ok!! i will fuck youbuntu and kubuntu and your MOMMO!!
    ..!! its hard for me, when DA POPUP keep appear ask me to “please enter your fucking password!! every time, Each Time anytime, everywhere… MUTHA FUKAA!!

    developer ubuntu owner

  • Igor Gavelyuk

    I hate than they change all this shit, now I am not about ubuntu. Previously it was easy install webserver, and drupal just for try, and now, in apache 2 they change all, I need allow overridde for clean url, and I already 2-3 hours changing this and that, and nothing works but module is working good. Fuck you all developers who all time something changing. As linus tell DO NOT TOUCH USERSPACE, I would like say another DO NOT TOUCH CONFIGS!!! FUCK YOU ALL!!!