You know what? Fuck you Ubuntu!

I just had it with Ubuntu. I really had some honest and true hope for this distro but I just lost it after installing version 11.10

Canonical is trying to create a distro of Linux, so simple that, as the saying goes (and I’m paraphrasing), only idiots will end using it. In this version they have finally removed, from the default installation, all the components required by any Linux/Ubuntu enthusiast.
Sure it looks beautiful and the installation experience has nothing to envy from other operating systems, but the thing is, and I guess this is what Canonical doesn’t get, whomever installs Ubuntu is going to need all the shit you are trying to hide.

Here’s the thing: Let’s assume that my mom, my wife or any of my friends (well, not any, but about 99% of them) decide to give Ubuntu a try. As soon as they try to do something as simple as to play a DVD, go to YouTube, (try to) watch a video that someone posted on Facebook, or… just to mention a few of the most common tasks a newcomer will try, they are going to end receiving a weird error/warning message explaining that they cannot do that because of some stupid crap about a license and some software that needs to be installed.

Now, please Canonical, go ahead and explain that to my mom, my wife or any of my friends.
What happens next? Well, they call me.

So, what do I do? Simple, I launch Synaptic Package Manager and… wait, what the fuck? Where’s the Synaptic Package Manager?

And that’s just to mention one missing tool. In version 11.10 Canonical has decided to remove everything that WE (the ones who helped make Ubuntu what it is today by either developing for it or by simply sharing it) actually need and use.

Look Canonical, Ubuntu is not Windows nor Mac OS and, hopefully, it will never be. But because of that same reason you are NOT allowed to ignore those who put you in this privileged position of being “the third OS” and the most popular Linux distribution.

And what about Mono in Ubuntu?
Fuck all the fucking idiots and their conspiracy theories about Novell, Mono and Miguel.

Mono is, without a question, the best thing that could have happened to Linux and Canonical should embrace it with the same energy they do other things. Operating systems become popular because of the applications that are available for them, not because of the operating systems themselves and Mono is, by far, the easiest way to attract Windows developers to either port or to simply develop new applications for Ubuntu. Have you learned nothing… at all?
Remember this saying Canonical: “Developers, developers, developers!”

So after going through all the hell of reverting to the standard desktop, because I hate the Unity shit with all my guts, and installing MonoDevelop I find that my screensaver-settings doesn’t fucking work!
Not only the installer for MonoDevelop is broken, as it doesn’t install the C# compiler (holy motherfucking shit!), I just discovered that Canonical killed the screensavers scene altogether!

Yep, in Ubuntu 11.10 THERE ARE NO screensavers.

I did fix the problems with screensaver-settings so that the poor thing doesn’t crash when it finds it has no purpose, but I have decided that there’s actually no purpose in trying to revive a tool where the developers of the operating system insist in killing.

So, without further ado:

screensaver-settings is officially closed/dead


PS: That linux-hater guy surly had it right all along…