My first plugin… for a plugin!

As I have already mentioned on previous posts, I love MediaPortal and I love its plugins, specially OnlineVideos. Unfortunately, as much as I appreciate what OnlineVideos does for MediaPortal I feel It could be greatly enhanced, in terms of configuration features.

The first step I took to solve the problems I’ve had with the plugin was the development of OnlineVideos SiteManager, which is nothing more than a tool ease the process of selecting which sites you want to “enable” within the plugin.

The next step I wanted to take was to ease the process of adding new web sites. But, in order to fully understand how this currently works (so that I can improve it) I had to, first, familiarize with the current model.
So I decided to start a new plugin project for OnlineVideos as this will help me understand how it currently works. This plugin will simply add support for a set of web sites that many MediaPortal users have requested (TV A La Carta) and an additional one (FirstRow) which I really and truly want!

The plugin, at this moment, provides partial support for a a couple sites but, hopefully, this will change soon.

The project is being hosted at CodePlex so “anyone” can (and hopefully will) contribute to speed up its development: